What Games in Casino Are Easiest to Win on?

All of us go to a casino for different reasons – money, fun, adrenaline, or testing. There is a uniform opinion that all gamblers are there for the money and for the addiction that is gambling.

This is partially true and some people can’t control themselves and their urges and that succumb to the gambling addiction. On the other hand, some people gamble for the fun and adrenaline that this sport offers. Some tournaments revolve around a lot of money and prestige and most pro gamblers start thinking about money and think about winning and that prestige that is the best gambler in the world.

If you ever watched any of these big pro tournaments you saw that these people never get angry about losing money, they are angry because they didn’t do better and because they didn’t read the situation or the opponent better. There are strategies in this sport as well and the best of the best in gambling is also the best strategists out there. But let’s leave the professionals for now and let’s focus on the regular Joe’s like you and me. We just want to waste some time, have some fun and possibly win some money. Where can we do it and how? Well, the article today, with, will tell you a bit about that so stick with us till the end.


One thing to tell you before we start is that all casinos always have an advantage over you no matter what you do and that advantage is calculated in the long run. The longer you play and the longer you sit at a table, a machine, or a wheel you will eventually lose all edge, and the house or the casino will profit. The best thing to do, now knowing this is to keep your games as short as possible and all your winnings, if there are some, should be won as fast as possible and cashed out as fast as possible. The longer you stay and play for more money and bigger wins the faster you will lose it all to the famous casino edge.

Now that we have this cleared, we will share with you some games that have the lowest casino edge. Funny enough those are all the games that are fan favorites and played the most and we, and a lot of others, have covered and talked about them before.

1. Slots

If there is a gambling game more beloved than this one, we highly doubt it. This is one of the easiest and most fun games you can sit behind at any casino. They are fast, fun, flashy, and depending on the machine and the game variant, they pay up pretty well. If you are wondering about the casino edge over this game it sits at around 5-10%. With a huge number of variants and details, different themes, and the speed of the game, this one has taken the hearts of all gamblers out there.

Even the professionals tend to sit behind a slot machine from time to time to relax and have a few laughs. Another thing that draws to these games is the fact that there are huge bonuses and bonus rounds with great winnings and that is without even going into the jackpot’s territory. If you haven’t already, try slots for yourself and tell us what they feel like.

2. Roulette


Another gambling game is a favorite amongst the gamblers and one of the games that are strategized the most. There are numerous ways to play this game and as many strategies to accompany them. Roulette is a fun game and one that, if properly played and if a proper strategy is applied, can make you a lot of money in a short period. As for the house edge in this game, Roulette with double and single zero has a 5.26% low house edge, but the roulette with only one zero is 2.70% which is even lower. The double zero is called American roulette and the single zero variant is European roulette. Both are played the same, with the fact that European is more preferred because of the lower overall edge for the casino.

3. Video Poker

Video poker is just like regular poker, at least the core rules are, with the fact that it is simply digitalized and added on. What is added on depends on the type of the game and the game maker. There are regular video poker machines that are just like the real ones on 1:1 and there are video poker variants with bonus rounds, picking a higher or lower card for extra winnings, and so on. When it comes to the house edge on this type of game it is somewhere between 0.5-3%.

4. Craps (pass/come bets only)


According to some craps is a very difficult table game to master. It has a lot of main and side bets and you have to have a solid strategy on this if you want to win all the time. What is interesting enough is the fact that the game plays simple, roll the dice and wait for the outcome with the right bet. What we suggest here is to stick to only pass or come bet and on that type of bet, the house edge is only 1.41% which is a good thing for you. Utilize it and see if it works.

5. Blackjack (6 decks)

A table game that is as famous and popular as gambling itself. Poker, blackjack, and roulette are probably three of the most famous gambling games ever. You all have seen at least one game of blackjack and you know the basic rules. You are not playing the players you are playing the dealer and the goal is to get 21 or close, but not over. The house edge on blackjack with 6 decks is only 0.5% which is awesome news for all of you that love this game.

These were the 5 games with the lowest casino edge making them the easiest games to win on in any casino. Another thing to remember is that thing we mentioned before this and it is the fact that the casinos make all of their profits in the long run and that they lose if you manage to win early on and get out of the game or the casino in total.

There are strategies to win money fast that you can utilize but we advise you to have fun first and to always be responsible when gambling.,

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