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Sanaya Irani

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Sanaya Irani was not going to devote her life to acting. But if fate had developed according to the girl’s clear plan, then the Indian cinema would have lost a talented actress. Today, the girl is in great demand among Bollywood directors, every year with her participation a couple of serial films are released.

Childhood and youth

Sanaya was born in the largest city of India – Mumbai, where she grew up until it was time to go to school. Then the parents moved to the resort town of Ooty. The schoolgirl, like many compatriots, diligently comprehended the secondary education program – in this country women strive to get on their own feet at all costs. I didn’t even think about acting. Irani was going to master some very serious profession in the future.

After school, she entered college, and from there – to the university at the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration. Mom, seeing what a beauty her daughter had grown up with, advised Sanaia to try her luck in the modeling business. Yielding to the persuasion of her parent, the girl starred in an advertisement for a print magazine. Professionals noted the exceptional photogenicity of the young model, although she was not very tall – only 165 cm. But slender – the girl’s weight did not exceed 50 kg.

Santana began to receive offers for filming and even had to take an academic leave at the university. The girl made her career rapidly, she was invited to decorate advertising banners and promotions of eminent companies. For example, Irani even appeared in a Pepsi video. She devoted four years to advertising, starring in 150 videos, including music videos. Fame attracted the girl more and more, in her dreams she already quite imagined herself an actress.

A string of auditions and auditions for the cinema stretched. A familiar photographer created a portfolio for the young model.


Finally, representatives of the film industry noticed a black-eyed girl with a charming smile. The creative biography of Sanaya Irani was illuminated by the first, albeit of the second plan, role. She was invited to the serial television project “Blind Love” (2006). She played the girlfriend of the main character. In the future, Sanaia was waiting for many TV series, all of them fell in love with the viewer.

For two years, from 2006 to 2008, they created the next serial drama in the filmography of an aspiring actress – Left, Right, Left. Arjun Bijlani, Rajiv Khandelwal, Sanjay Nat became partners on the set.

Sanaya’s finest hour came quickly. In the TV series When We Met, directors Ravi Bhushan and Nissar Parvez gave the girl the lead role. Irani reincarnated as a fatal beauty named Gunjan Bushan. The company was made by the already familiar Bijlani.

After the premiere, the artist bathed in the rays of glory and audience love, journalists chased Sanaia to find out about the details of her personal life.

The popularity of the actress spread far beyond the borders of her native country after the presentation of the new melodrama “What to call this love?” The love story of a cynical and tough entrepreneur Arnava and a strong, patient and thirsty for simple female happiness Khushi Kumari Gupta won the hearts of fans of Indian films.

Who watched the serial tape, argued that the film is better than any antidepressant. Gorgeous interiors are presented, the characters are dressed in beautiful costumes and a lot of jewelry, and the action takes place against the backdrop of gorgeous nature. High spirits are guaranteed after watching one episode. In 2015, the authors filmed a sequel to the melodrama.

In the next series “Changchun”, the actress got the role of a lively girl. The character did not even have to reincarnate. Irani says that in life she is the same as her character Chanchan Sarabhai: she is sociable, simple, and will not go into her pocket for a word.

Personal life

In 2009, Sanaya began dating her colleague and partner on the set, Mohit Segal, who is a couple of years younger than the chosen one. Six years later, fans suddenly decided that the girl was in a love relationship with Barun Sobti – this is how young people faithfully conveyed the feelings of the characters in the TV series “What to call this love?”

However, the rumors turned out to be false. In early 2016, Irani and Segal got married. The celebration took place on a private beach in Goa. Sanaya shone in a red cape, eyewitnesses noted that the painted mehendi on the actress’s hands were too dark.

The couple deviated from tradition in other details. For example, the ritual assumes that the bride walks around the fire after the groom, while the stars of Indian cinema moved together holding hands. There were few guests, only the closest relatives and friends were invited.

The family has no children yet, although gossip periodically appears on the Web that Sanaia is pregnant. Goa became the favorite vacation spot for the spouses. Traveling through the picturesque Indian state, the artist is engaged in extreme sports, does not mind jumping from a bungee, ride a banana or a jet ski.

In the spring of 2018, the actress caught fire with a new dream: after visiting the dolphinarium and swimming in the company of amazing sea inhabitants, the girl was going to master the profession of a dolphin trainer, which she told about on Instagram . Also for the first time she jumped with a parachute.

Sanaya Irani now

Sanaya Irani remains a popular actress among Indian directors. In 2018, two serial pictures have already been released. Dum Dum Dumroo premiered in April. 60% of the proceeds from the first screenings went to helping orphans.

Charity plays an important role in the girl’s life; she directs significant funds to poor compatriots and children who, by the will of fate, have lost their parents.

Irani recently announced on Instagram a new series, The History of Our Relations. Drashti Dhami, Thakur Shakti Arora, Aditi Sharma also starred in the film, which tells about family dramas.

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