Password Protecting a Folder In Windows Explorer

Password Protecting a Folder In Windows Explorer

It should be obvious to most of you that have any knowledge about Windows 9x, that it isn’t a very secure desktop operating system, however there are a few things short of enabling security policies that you can do to keep files or folders away from prying eyes.

Before do this, keep in mind that it won’t prevent anyone making a concerted effort from accessing the folder, and the files within, from a pure MS-DOS prompt. It will prevent someone from just clicking on a folder to read its contents or opening files within it.

Here’s the Step-By-Step for you:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and create a new folder on the drive where Windows normally resides (most cases this is “C:”). For the purposes of this example, let’s call the folder “myfiles”.
  2. Next, from within Windows Explorer, in the left window, click once on the “myfiles” folder to highlight it. If there were contents in the folder, they would be shown in the right window of Windows Explorer.
  3. In the right window, Right Click anywhere in a blank area.
  4. Now Select “Customize this Folder”.
  5. Now Select “Create or Edit an HTML Document”, and then click Next.
  6. Now click Next again. This will cause Word Pad to open and along with it a file by the name of Folder.htt.
  7. Scroll down until you see the first incidence of “” and place your cursor to the immediate right of that entry and touch Enter to open a space for you to insert information.
  8. Type in the following text exactly as shown: (except for where you see “yourpassword”, in which case you insert the password of your choice in between the quotation marks). Take special note of spaces between characters and the differences in brackets used.

    var pass = prompt(“Enter the Password”) if(pass != “yourpassword”)


    If you have done everything correctly, it should look something like this:

    var pass = prompt(“Enter the Password”) if(pass != “yourpassword”) {window.location=”C:”}

    var L_Prompt_Text = “Select an item to view its description.”;

  9. Now Save your work by clicking File and then Save, then exit Notepad.
  10. Now Close Windows Explorer and then reopen it and try and access your folder. It should bring up a small window asking for your password.

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