8 Tips And Tricks For Increasing Your IQ Levels

There is a great debate related to the accuracy of the current method used for measuring intelligence. Also, it is a popular misconception that people are born intelligent and that there is nothing to do to improve it over time. According to some studies, there are various tricks that you can use to improve your intelligence score. If you are not sure about your score, you can visit and test it.

Also, it is essential to keep in mind that you can both increase and decrease your score over time, and that is related to many factors. The most important thing is to keep your mind in good shape, avoid stress, and be more physically active. Besides that, we are going to introduce you to some tips and tricks that might help as well.

1. Be More Active

It might sound strange to many, but keeping yourself in good condition, and exercise more can affect the sharpness of your brain as well. It is proven that going to the gym or exercising at home can especially be good for your communication skills since being in good shape will increase your self-esteem. Besides the gym, jogging is also good for keeping your mind in good shape because you are improving the cardiovascular system. Many people are not even aware of the fact that physical health has anything with intelligence.


2. Meditation

There are many benefits of this type of exercise and relaxation. Experts are recommending people meditate for at least 15 minutes every day. The main advantage is that you will manage to avoid stress, learn how to focus better, and deal with various challenges in your life that might be causing stress, which can lead to even bigger issues like depression and anxiety. This practice will help you to improve your cognitive functions, be more concentrated, which is all connected with intelligence.

3. Try Learning a New Language

There is a link between high intelligence and the ability to learn more than one language. The main connection is related to the fact that you will learn new symbols, words, new meanings, different structures, grammar, and more. That will stimulate your brain to process complex operations, which can lead to increased IQ. If you are interested in learning a new language, it is quite simple these days when you can use various online platforms and connect with people from all over the world.


4. Reading

If you are ever done any test related to intelligence score, you will notice that there is a combination of tasks related to symbols and math, along with questions related to general knowledge in history, culture, art, politics, and more. It is proven that you can improve your score by starting to read more. You don’t need to struggle with complex books. Instead of that, find what you like and focus on that area. Also, the internet is full of articles related to almost any area, and you can read more about history, science, and interesting facts in many other areas.

We can notice that people with higher scores often knowns a lot of things related to many of these areas, but that does not mean that they were struggling to learn all those facts. The interesting thing is that you will develop the ability to remember things much better over time, especially if you find something that is interesting to you.

5. Play Games

If you are interested in activities that can improve your score, many games are good for the sharpness of the brain. It is especially beneficial for kids to introduce them to these games from a young age. The most popular option for kids is to get the puzzles. There are benefits even for adults, and elders can decrease chances of getting dementia by playing puzzles and some other games. Besides puzzles, other popular options are chess, Sudoku, crosswords, card games, questionnaires, and more.


6. Improve Your Sleeping Patterns

There is a connection between sleep and intelligence, and some scientists came up with the conclusion that staying up late in the night and not getting enough sleep can affect the sharpness of the brain and memory, which can decrease intelligence as well. It is very important to have enough sleep, not only for the mental condition but also for the overall health of your body. Avoiding decent sleep more often can cause heart issues, depression, high blood pressure, and more.

7. Play Music

Another link that might sound strange to people is that music can also boost intelligence. That is especially a case when you start learning new instruments. For instance, the piano has many keys, and you will have to learn various combinations and tempo to provide the particular sound. The same is with the guitar and many other instruments. That can boost the shape of your mental condition. According to some researches, learning to play an instrument can increase the score by over 10. On the other side, even listening to your favorite genre can boost your brain, keep you more stable, energized, motivated, and focused, which are all features related to IQ score.


8. Avoid Stress

The great problem with modern society is that many people are struggling with depression and anxiety. The way of life is one of the main factors that is causing these problems. If you get easily frustrated over challenges in your life, it will get more difficult to remain calm and focused to find the solution. If that becomes a habit, and you constantly face a lot of stress, there is a chance that your score might get lower over time. Therefore, try to find a way to keep your brain in good condition, and never avoid speaking with an expert if you are having some bigger issues.

Last Words

As you can see, various methods can help you to keep your brain in good condition, and even increase the intelligence score over time. Keeping the brain sharp is the best way, which means that you should combine various activities that we have mentioned.

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