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Quite a bit of time has passed since the release of Windows 2000, and between then and now, hundreds of Web sites have popped up dedicated to its installation and use. As this new version of Windows became more popular, more Web sites followed promising the resolution of many of its perceived problems. We don’t believe that this version of Windows has had anywhere near the problems of its predecessors. If you think about how far the Windows platforms have come since they were first introduced just a few short years ago, and the millions of lines of code that are involved, problems are expected. We’ve been building automobiles for nearly 100 years, and we still haven’t reached perfection!

We have tested Windows 2000 Professional in nearly every possible configuration that we could dream up, and the problems we incurred were sparse. The best possible advice we can give you is to read the installation material, test your hardware for compliance, develop your installation or upgrade plan and then follow that plan.

When we reviewed many of the Web sites we visited, it was glaringly obvious that something was missing! Few, if any, provide any detailed information that would help the average user easily install, upgrade or even use Windows 2000. There are plenty of Web sites that eschew the “techno-trash”, and suggest that Windows 2000 is only for the “power user” or the “experienced user”, but those comments couldn’t be farther from the truth. Anyone who has used Windows 95 or Windows 98 can use Windows 2000. Sure, there some limitations on those old games that have been up in your attic since 1988. And yes, when you look under the hood in Windows 2000 you’re going to see quite a few differences in the way this new version of Windows handles hardware and software. But, in reality, the only difference between the Windows 9x versions and Windows 2000 is that you need to be a little more careful about your hardware, the software you install, and pay a little closer attention software and driver issues to insure that they are Windows 2000 compliant. But even when you make a mistake, Windows 2000 is all too forgiving. If you’re looking to end those endless crashes and looking forward to enjoying some stability, Windows 2000 is just what you need.

Instead of telling you that Windows 2000 is reserved for the “power user”, we’re going to show you how to check your hardware and software for compliance before you do the installation. Then, after your hardware and software has been checked, and updated if necessary (we can help you with that too!), we’ll show you how to do the actual installation using several different methods, including installing Windows 2000 and Service Pack One all in one shot.

After you have Windows 2000 installed and all of your devices such as modem, CD Rom burner, scanners and printers installed correctly, we’ll help you with specific driver and software issues. From there we’ll delve into the simple issues that everyone else seems to have overlooked, such as peer-to-peer networking for small home or business networks, Internet Connection Sharing and a flood of other issues. And yes, we have a bunch of registry tweaks for that geek streak in you! And we’ll top all of this off with some hints from the Microsoft Resource Kit.

If you’re ready to delve into the installation of Windows 2000, then let’s see what you may need to do that.

Windows 2000 Hot Topics
This is where to go to review a list of our Windows 2000 segments and issues, such as Slip-Streamed Installations that install Service Pack 1 with the OS; Fixing the Hot Fix; Windows File Protection as well as how to use some of the many tools included with Windows 2000 and the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.

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