Drivers Related Windows Registry Keys

Drivers Related Windows Registry Keys

The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\b0 key contains numbered subkeys that assist the device manager in detecting PC Cards. Each numbered subkey specifies a stream interface driver and a corresponding detection function. The Device Manager calls the detection functions to locate the appropriate driver for an unrecognized PC Card. For example, the Device Manager invokes detection functions when a PC Card lacks a Plug and Play identifier or when a PC Card’s Plug and Play identifier lacks a corresponding subkey under the Drivers\b0 key.

The subkeys under Detect are two-digit integers typically assigned by a stream interface driver’s installation routine. The order of the integers determines the order that the Device Manager follows when it calls detection functions. For example, if the Device Manager does not detect a suitable DLL listed in subkey 19, it makes a call to subkey 20. The Device Manager continues this consecutive search process until a function returns a value indicating a successful detection

The following table shows the two values contained within these subkeys.

Value name

Value type




Specifies the file name for the DLL that contains the detection function. The Device Manager loads the DLL to call the detection function.



Specifies the name of the detection function.

The following example shows an entry for detecting SRAM PC Cards.


[Drivers] [PCMCIA] [Detect] [20]

SZ: Entry = DetectRAMCard

SZ: Dll = RAMCARD.dll

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