Tweakui for Windows

Tweak UI v. 1.33

Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98 or Windows 95

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Download: Tweakui V. 1.33  Alternate Server: Tweakui V.1.33

Read Me First:

With the Tweak UI 1.33 update, you can adjust your Windows User Interface, including menu speed, window animation, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The Microsoft® Windows® Shell Development Team has put together a set of productivity tools called PowerToys. If you’re a Windows power-user, go ahead and try them out, but realize these are unsupported tools. Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about PowerToys.

System Requirements:

Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98 or Windows 95.

How to Download and Install:

  1. Click Start, Programs and Click Windows Explorer.
  2. Now create a new folder on your C: drive by clicking once on the (C:) in the left pane of the Windows Explorer Window to highlight the “C”.
  3. Now in the upper left hand portion of the Windows Explorer window, click File, select New then select Folder. In the right window you will be asked for a name for the new folder, now type in tweakui and touch Enter. Now close Windows Explorer.
  4. Now click the Download Now button at the top of this page. In the File download dialog box that appears on your screen, click Save Program to Disk.
  5. In the Save As dialog box, choose to save the file in the folder you just created, then click Save.
  6. Once the download has completed, Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder you created and double-click the downloaded file. This may create several new files in your folder. Among these, look for “Read Me” or “INF” files.
  7. The “Read Me” file will contain any additional download information you need to know. To install the file, right click the .INF file and click Install.

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