8 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Shoes Online – 2024 Guide

Nothing can replace the real-time experience of buying at retailers. The chances are more that you make wrong decisions when you first purchase something online. Though buying shoes online is something Sergio Fabbri would still recommend. Sergio Fabbri has a whole range of shoe portfolios at your disposal to choose from. If you are looking for a wide range of options in shoes, Sergio Fabbri is the wonderland of shoes. Visit the site and get the shoes of your choice at an affordable price. To help you with the purchase, Sergio Fabbri has curated a brief and comprehensive guide of mistakes that you should avoid while buying your shoes online. Read more to learn what are things that should be avoided while buying shoes online.

1. Foot measurement

The first factor any shoe lover considers is shoe measurement. Does it fit your foot length accurately? If you don’t get the shoe size right, you have to pack it again for returns. Isn’t it a mess? Hence, to keep this inconvenience at bay, measure your foot length. Set search results to your shoe size, and you will see a whole range of shoes only in your foot size. Different countries use different shoe-size standards. To avoid confusion, you will have a size chart to compare and choose your shoe’s correct size.


2. Color

The second most appealing thing to shoe lovers is the color of the shoe. To make sure that you rightly understand the color and the shade, go through the description. Sometimes, the color looks enhanced than in reality because of the effects on the screen. You wouldn’t want to get disappointed that the color has differed from the image reference shown. If you are still not sure, customer care service is open 24*7 for your assistance.

3. Material

Material is what makes your marathon a smooth one. The image sure provides most of the details, but it does miss a couple of other details. You cannot weigh and feel the shoe’s material, which hampers you from getting an exact idea of the material, quality, and comfort level it gives when worn. You may have to go through the description carefully to understand the quality and features of the material. You can also record your queries in their FAQ section and make a purchase when all your doubts are clarified.

4. Brand


Quality is all about the brand. The majority of the people go after brands because brand warrants quality. You wouldn’t want a shoe that gets damaged in just a few weeks, do you? Shoes that are appealing, durable, strong, and resistant to wear and tear are the best choice. The brand ensures that your shoe has all these features. Instead of purchasing from eCommerce stores, visit the brand store directly. You will find more options at affordable prices than the eCommerce sites.

5. Images

Online purchases are made based on the evaluation of images of the product provided. Assess the pictures carefully. Choose a site that offers large and clear images. Sites of brands provide neat images with a detailed description. If the picture isn’t clear, don’t make the decision yet. There are a lot more options available on the site There are a lot more options available.

6. Return policies

Even after so much scrutiny, there is a fair share of chances that something goes wrong. You may get a defective product, or you may not feel satisfied with the shoes’ real-time look. You don’t have to get stuck with shoes that you don’t like. If you don’t carefully go through return policies, you might indeed get stuck with the choice you didn’t make. Avoid such situations and read the return policies. Some products don’t come with return policies. In that case, contact customer care support and clear your doubts. But it is better to avoid products with no return policy.

7. Reviews


Reviews are an excellent way to know if the shoes that you have chosen works for you. Exploit the reviews in your favor. Customers rate and provide feedback based on their opinions and experiences. Observe and evaluate what has been their experience with the product. See what the customer has to say about the quality, durability, color, and brand. Don’t go for products that are rated low. Customers also provide images of the products they bought. Look through the images section too to make an efficient decision. Unlike the images offered in the catalog, these images have fewer effects, and you can see how they look in real life.  Check out for more in-depth reviews before buying.

8. Right site

The major mistake most consumers commit is choosing the right site. Always choose the brand and the site with utmost care. Do a bit of background search about the shop and brand for their history and reliability. See, since how many years the brand has been in existence, and how has its customer satisfaction graph been. If the customers have everything good to say, you can go ahead with the purchase.

Online shopping is definitely a wonderful experience, and you get a lot more options online than in physical retailers. But the chances are high that things go wrong if you are not aware of online shopping mechanisms. Very few know where and how to start. To avoid confusion and direct you towards the right path, this guide put forth the most common mistakes that people often make and you should avoid.

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