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Step-by-Step Guide ─ How to Safely Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine

Are your shoes looking a little worse for wear? Washing them in the washing machine is an easy and effective way to have them look as good as new, although you’ll want to take a few precautionary steps. Cleaning leather shoes, sneakers, or running shoes in the washer isn’t too …

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How Do I Prolong The Life Of My Leather Shoes?

Maintaining your leather shoes will ensure that they last longer and will not deteriorate over time. Skin and leather are similar. So that it does not crack and keeps its color, it must be hydrated and cleaned constantly. You need to take proper care of leather depending on the type …

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8 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Shoes Online – 2024 Guide

Nothing can replace the real-time experience of buying at retailers. The chances are more that you make wrong decisions when you first purchase something online. Though buying shoes online is something Sergio Fabbri would still recommend. Sergio Fabbri has a whole range of shoe portfolios at your disposal to choose …

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