The History of Gambling in Vietnam

Vietnam’s sloppy past with gambling dates centuries back. Because of the adverse effects on household income and the economy, the government enforced rigorous steps to put an end to the practice for the Vietnamese. But the counter effect was that with time it gave rise to more illegal betting. In recent times, the increase of illegal sports betting is estimated to serve $10 billion in yearly sales, as shown in a study by VietnamNet. To solve the problem, a five-year trial program with restrictive policies legalized sports betting in Vietnam in 2017. Local people could play in a handful of state-run casinos. It was also limited to a few selected sports including, football.

When it comes to online gambling, Vietnam is yet to soften its rules for citizens. However, foreign tourists could access them.

The growth of the gambling industry and its relation to the mobile industry is very well known worldwide. With the technology growing, gamblers have started funding betting and winning much easier when compared to earlier times

Countries like the US, UK, and even the Middle East have started shifting most of their gambling businesses online. Vietnam being a hub for gamblers from all over the world, has also started investing online. To attract more tourists, Vietnam has shifted its main focus to websites that work smoothly on mobile phones.

How mobile gambling works in Vietnam?


Experienced gamblers and amateurs have increasingly started preferring smartphones over any other means to gamble. The reason being the supreme convenience and comfort that it offers to the users. Placing bets on phones is similar to placing bets on a PC. The process gets quicker and smoother.

It is important to understand how mobile gambling works in Vietnam? Using gambling websites on phones, customers no longer need their bookies or sportsbook to place a bet. All they have to do is click on a few buttons and leave the rest on their phone. You don’t have to be at home or at a casino to make the bets.

Gamblers who want to be a part of this world in Vietnam have to register themselves on the most appealing and promising website they come across. Some websites work overseas and will continue your account if you are already a member.

Once done, the user can start placing the bets or even go as instructed by the particular website. There are many websites that have even created an app for a much better experience.

Sudden growth of popularity for smartphone gambling

As the advancements in technology are ever-increasing, new ways to perform all kinds of tasks are coming up. Gambling being a popular activity, the industry decided to try their luck online too. Lucky for them, this revolution brought heavy profits home and much eased for the users.

As almost every other person owns a smartphone nowadays, making anything popular through that means is quite easy. Not only do long-time gamblers use gambling websites on their phones, but even newbies have started joining in at a high rate.

The decrease in smartphone prices could also be a reason behind this growth of popularity which was never seen earlier. By using these websites on the phone, payments have become easier, managing their bets has become easier, and they also enjoy a plethora of benefits.

What do we know about Online Casinos That Are Designed for Mobile?


Online casinos are websites that have been made for gambling and let people place bets by using their devices and the internet. These websites can be specifically designed to work for mobile phones or even be converted into an app. The very best example of online casino that is tailored for mobile users is Gclub which serves most of theic lients through smartphones.

These apps can be downloaded in a few seconds and be used with quite an ease. Owners of these casinos tend to add tons of benefits and offer to attract new players. Online Casinos That Are Designed for Mobile have a visually appealing interface as well.

Wrapping Up

Switching to a smartphone casino can be an interesting experience. This change offers various benefits, saves time and energy, and provides ways to make new gambling friends. Through these apps in Vietnam, you are no longer required to step out of the comfort of your home.

Stay in, place your bets on international and domestic casinos, and experience a whole new era of gambling in Vietnam.

The beginning


Gambling in itself has a long history that exists since the rise of civilization. You would get mentions of it in every other traveler’s accounts. It was a form of socialization where both men and women indulged in it. But gambling in those times was way different than today’s brick mortar and online casinos.

In Vietnam, older folks and peasants would gamble with fish fights. Siamese male fish were collected and prepared for it in jars. Gamblers would wager a huge amount of money and, enormous crowds would gather around those tiny jars to have a glimpse of that battle. Similarly, cockfighting was also a popular gambling game.

With globalization and a mix of cultures, a lot of western concepts entered. In the beginning, the traders would keep dice bowls to entertain their visiting customers. It was a game of chance that may have originated from Egypt.

Tien Len, which is now Vietnam’s national card game, started early in the gambling industry. It is still widely used, legally or illegally.

Other games like blackjack, baccarat, and slot games came much later but, they are mainly available in online casinos to foreign passport holders.

The legal matters


The communist rulers completely banished gambling in the late 20th century. Only the state-run lottery, which has been mainstream across the country, did not come under the radar.

Vietnam’s government has also altered its foreign policy in response to its surrounding neighbors, who have hundreds of casinos lined up on the country’s edge. Vietnamese citizens could cross borders to play addicting games.

Those identified to be indulging in such activities illegally were typically given imprisonment penalties of up to two years or beyond. It once went up to nine years in 2018 illegal sports betting racket. That was a time around the World Cup.

The same year, a bill was passed to allow sports betting on a few prominent international games. Locals were permitted to participate for three years, but they had to meet certain constraining requirements.

But technology has reduced the constrictions to a considerable amount. One can access any international online casino through a VPN.

The future of gambling in Vietnam


Vietnam is struggling to keep the criminal activities associated with gambling at bay. At the same time, it is also losing plenty of foreign investment other than losing its currency to border countries.

However, the current government and finance ministers incline towards licensing more casinos than the ones already there. It is paving the path for new electronic gaming hubs.

It will still not suffice for the financial loss, especially in the pandemic situation when the tourist visitations are barely there.

If the government does not act now to reduce penalties for the locals, it will continue to encounter difficulties in earning taxable income.

In January 2024, the Vietnam Recreational and Electronic Sports Association intends to start an annual event for locals in the Esports industry, and locals will probably be permitted to start engaging legally.

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