3 Kids Shoes Buying Tips That’ll Change Your Life

Buying shoes for your children can be a very long and tedious process. The fact is that children grow quickly and it is necessary for them to get new shoes every few weeks or months. Also, it is clear to every parent that footwear has a very important role in the proper development of the child, so it is vital to choose a quality one, that meets all the important criteria. And if you want to find the perfect pair for your child the best idea is to take them with you so they can try on the shoes and that you can conclude if they are the right fit. We are aware that all this can be very complicated and that is why we have decided to share with you in today’s article some of the kids’ shoe buying tips that will change your life. Enjoy!

1. Your thumb can be one of the most useful tools


Although many parents are already familiar with the importance of the thumb as one of the most useful tools when buying children’s shoes, it is not a bad idea to say something more about this topic for those who do not know what it this all about. When choosing shoes for your child, it can be really challenging to determine if they are the right size or they are too tight somewhere. Some kids just don’t know how to judge if a certain pair of shoes is the right fit, while others are too small, so you’re doomed to your own ability to make a good estimation. However, this does not necessarily have to be a problem.

For starters, put a shoe on your child’s foot or ask them to do it themselves if they are big enough. Then place your thumb in the space between the heel and the back wall of the shoe. The toe should be able to pass, but not completely. This is a sign that the foot has enough space in the shoe, but that the size is still appropriate. Repeat the same procedure on the sides to determine that the width of the shoe is optimal and that wearing them will not result in blisters and pain. Also, press the front of the shoe with your thumb to assess whether the length of the shoe is optimal or your child’s big toe is hitting the front directly. If this is the case, look for a larger size to ensure that the shoes are comfortable enough for your child.

2. Forget about the ‘breaking in’ phase


We still have no explanation for why sometimes adults suffer pain just because of beauty and the desire to own a certain pair of shoes that is aesthetically very attractive. Even though it means hours in pain because the shoes just aren’t comfortable at all. After a while, this can change, because the shoe gets worn out, so it becomes a bit more comfortable for the foot. Probably because of this we can often hear people saying that they are currently in the breaking-in phase. Although we as adults can justify this to ourselves, we definitely advise you to avoid such situations when buying children’s shoes.

It has certainly happened to every parent to find seemingly perfect shoes for their child, which fit perfectly into a certain combination and seem optimal for the upcoming event. But if the shoes are uncomfortable it should be a sign to you that you need to give them up, even when everything else about them is in perfect order. Shoes should never be uncomfortable for a child’s foot, even when worn for the first time. You may think that it doesn’t matter if your children’s shoes are too tightened somewhere, because that will change after a while, but that shouldn’t be your guide. Always choose kids’ footwear that is as comfortable as possible. And just to be clear, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise aesthetics at the expense of comfort. If you are looking for beautiful children’s footwear that provides hours of play in comfortable footwear, read more here.

3. Choose the right time for the fitting


One of the things you should not neglect is the right time to buy children’s shoes. You may not have known there was such a thing, but now that you know you will be able to make wiser choices in the future. The best time to try on children’s shoes is at the end of the day. Why? Because then the foot was the most swollen.

During hours and hours of fun and play, a child’s foot slowly begins to swell and towards the end of the day, this swelling reaches its maximum. Then it is best to dedicate yourself to shoe fitting because this is the size of the foot on the basis of which you want to make a decision about buying the right pair. This is important because it will prevent blisters and pain that can occur after a few hours of play. Maybe some shoes will fit your child perfectly at the beginning of the day when they are at rest. But the story will be completely different after the foot swells. Then the shoe can become too small and cause problems, both on the feet and on the joints and spine. Take this factor into account every time you buy children’s shoes and wait until the end of the day before you go into action.



Buying kids’ footwear can be a really tedious task. Children are often not too interested in this activity, and you as a parent is expected to make a good estimation of whether a pair of shoes is a good fit. However, with these few useful tips, this process can become a bit easier. For starters, use your thumb to determine if the shoe size is appropriate. Don’t think it’s okay for shoes to be uncomfortable at first, but choose a pair that feels good right away. And lastly, take into account when is the right time to go to kids’ shoe shopping and always choose afternoons or evenings if possible. These hacks can save you a lot of time, money, and nerves. And will also ensure that your children wear appropriate footwear that ensures proper growth and development.

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