How Do I Prolong The Life Of My Leather Shoes?

Maintaining your leather shoes will ensure that they last longer and will not deteriorate over time.

Skin and leather are similar. So that it does not crack and keeps its color, it must be hydrated and cleaned constantly. You need to take proper care of leather depending on the type you have or for more vlone official. We present the main ones here so that you can identify them and take the necessary precautions.

1. Patent leather


It is made of leather with a great deal of shine and a smooth texture. You can clean them with a damp cloth for daily cleaning, but if they have a stain, you should wipe them with a cotton pad soaked in milk or vinegar, then wipe them with a dry cloth and rub until they shine again.

2. Semibrillo

That type of leather isn’t matte, but it also doesn’t shine like patent leather. It has a natural, very subtle sheen. The best way to clean it is with a dry cloth, then rubbing it to keep the shine. You can clean leather using a neutral or transparent cream in the case of stains. Applying color creams is not recommended since it is difficult to find the exact shade of leather, and they often end up changing the color of your shoe.

 3. Nubuk

At first glance, it looks like suede, but it’s not. To the touch, it has a shorter coat and is less fluffy. There are spray-type products available for this type of leather, which are excellent for cleaning and maintaining it. Using these special Nubuk sprays and brushing gently will prevent the leather from dulling or bleaching over time. No cream should be applied, because these products are not meant for leather.

 4. Suede


Touching it will make you aware. All other leathers pale in comparison to this furry and hairy leather. Talcum powder or starch should be applied regularly for its care. As soon as these substances absorb dirt, they can be removed with a brush within 4 to 5 hours. To prevent the suede from cracking over time, you can soften it with a little hot steam by bringing the iron closer to the shoe without touching it.

 5. Oiled

It’s a matte leather that’s been coated in an oil or wax. In order to clean it, wipe it with a damp cloth, let it dry, and apply horse grease or natural waxes such as leather cream.

You can extend your running shoes’ lifespan with these 5 tricks


Running shoes

At first, buying running shoes can be a bit frustrating because the foot is not used to the footwear. However, they will become more a part of our everyday life after a while since they provide us comfort. After 800-1,000 kilometers, the shoes will need to be replaced. Despite the fact that they do not show any signs of deterioration, both the soles and the insoles have failed. We provide you with 4 tips to extend the life of your running shoes in this article.

Among other things, there are a number of things that will allow us to last longer, such as cleaning or making small daily gestures like using it. Before storing the shoes, make sure they are well dried. We often come home with soaked shoes, either from rain or sweat. A proper drying process is necessary. We will do this by loosening the laces, removing the insoles, and opening the shoes as much as possible. They will be placed in a dry, cool area, avoiding direct sources of heat such as radiators. In the event that they are very humid, we recommend that you place newspaper inside.

A rotating slipper

Runners should have at least one pair of shoes for their workouts. As the kilometers pass, the soles lose their cushioning. If we allow the footwear to rest after each training session, the sole will have time to recover its original position, thus delaying wear even more.

When you are done, remove your shoes


You should take off your shoes as soon as your running training is over, since this is when more sweat accumulates. The right socks are also essential for preventing excessive sweat.

One of the biggest misconceptions about running shoes is that they are to be worn at all times, whether to do other sports, to go for a walk, or even to use them on a day-to-day basis. While we think it’s a good way for the foot to adapt to them, the footprint we make when we walk has nothing to do with running. Thus, the wear will be different.

You don’t have to wait for your running shoes to break to change them. There are signs that will indicate its wear, such as loss of cushioning or joint discomfort.

1. Wear shoes

When we take off or put on our shoes, it is necessary to use a shoehorn so that we don’t deform the back or buttress. As an added precaution, we must also laces in shoes with laces very well so that the leather doesn’t give way, making the shoes loose in the end. If the cushion wears down over time, you may suffer joint discomfort or loss of cushioning.

2. Avoid continued use

It is always necessary to let the shoes rest the next day after putting them on due to sweat. This is important, since for a shoe to be comfortable it must be completely dry.

It’s important that a shoe is completely dry for it to be comfortable.

3. Place the legs


While the studs are still warm, put them on after removing your shoes. Wrinkles are prevented from being permanently etched into the leather.

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4. Don’t forget cleaning

It is important to clean shoes regularly, even if only occasionally. As a result, their useful life will be prolonged, and their appearance will improve, so they won’t look sloppy.

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