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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Sunglasses For Someone Else – 2024 Guide

Sunglasses are more than just an accessory. They are a necessity. The growing expenses and gaps in our ozone layer only make room for more UV rays to damage our eyes and skin. Yes, our eyes are meant to handle bright light, but never direct sunlight.

It can severely damage the retina and even render us clinically blind after a certain point in time. It is essential to protect our eyes or be rendered blind after a while. Sunglasses are the epitome of fashion as well as utility. The best of both worlds. It is highly beneficial to give your eyes just that extra bit of protection that it needs.

The watch has a physical protective layer called the cornea, which blocks dust particulates and other matter from entering the Iris. But this is how far the cornea works for most people. The cornea has little to no protection from sunlight as that would discredit or discard the entire purpose of the eye.

The Iris is more responsible for regulating the amount of sun that comes into the eyes, but the type of sunlight is also essential. The UV rays are gamma-type radiation from the sun that can be very damaging. Sunglasses protect us from this phenomenon.

Read more here to know more about the effect of sunlight on the eyes and how you can protect yourself. Buying sunglasses for someone else can be a lot more complicated than you think. This is why in this article, we’ll underline the various things that you need to avoid while buying sunglasses for someone else. With that being said, let’s get into this without any further ado!

What Are Sunglasses?

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Sunglasses are specially designed eyewear that is primarily aimed at the protection of your eyes. Sunlight can be incredibly liberating as well as relaxing. But excessive sunlight can be pretty much a nuisance to take care of. You can’t shut off the sun whenever you want, so we’ve needed to create our defense systems.

Most people would have seen a peculiar sight: the people who visit colder regions, and we mean cold areas such as snowy and mountainous regions, actually wear sunglasses. The first thought we’d have usually is that they’re trying to block their eyes from the snow blowing into it, but in truth, they’re trying to stop the sunlight being reflected onto the snow and into our eyes.

Sunglasses are made either to be polarized, or UV protected. Both ways, they intend to protect the eyes from the excessive sunlight that comes into our corneas. Let’s now look into the history of sunglasses and how we’ve arrived at the versions that we currently have.

History Of Sunglasses

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The history and origin of sunglasses extend all the way back centuries before. It all began in the Artics where people used carved sunglasses that were the first ones to exist. They were carved from the walrus teeth also known as walrus Ivory, other materials like leather, bark of trees and animal skeleton.

This was widely used to block the UV rays which was back then just understood as sunlight. Like we’ve previously discussed, snow glare is a real phenomenon and was highly frustrating and damaging when hunting in the ice.

Emperors of Rome and other dynasties as well used to watch gladiator fights with the help of emeralds which help block out the sunlight that hit their eyes. Smoky quartz that was invented in China was the most inexpensive as well as the most ineffective form of sunglasses to ever exist but served their purpose to a certain degree.

The poker face was important during interrogations during court days but was not always a result that people expected. Hence these ineffective glasses were used to cover up facial expressions.

3 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Sunglasses For Someone Else

1. Not Buying UV Protection Glasses

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More often than not, some of the sunglasses come as plain dark colored shades that don’t have much to offer for
UV protection. Some brands cost extra as they are specifically made for protection against the sun, and make sure you buy UV-protected glasses of all things first. It goes a long way to show someone you care about their eyes more than just their appearance.

2. Not keeping in mind the style quotient

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Shades are fifty-fifty when it comes to usage. People either use it for the sake of style alone or the protection aspect of it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get both.

When you’re shopping for sunglasses, make sure you keep in mind the latest styles of the current period. You don’t want to get the person a medieval-looking glass frame or something that is outdated. Make sure you visit the suitable sites that suggest sustainable fashion and beautiful shades.

3. Buying cheap Sunglasses

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Nothing spells class better than expensive sunglasses. Sunglasses are best worn when they are of good quality and well-known brands. John Jacobs, Ray Bans, are some of the highest branded and widely known glasses worldwide. They have the perfect mixture of style and protection while being trendy and sleek.

The reason we suggest that you don’t buy them cheaper sunglasses is that they are very likely to tell whether they are of good quality or not. Moreover, it always is a better gift when a lot goes into it over time.


Buying a pair of glasses need not be complicated to do so. Like we said, glasses are very important to protect your eyes, especially the ones that work in bright environments for long periods of time.

It is important to have the appropriate tools to protect your eyes all while looking good when doing so. In hindsight (no pun intended) you’d feel a lot better buying a pair of glasses that are classy, skilfully made as well as being groovy and sleek. Make sure to buy the right ones, for the right person.

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