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Whenever possible we try and find the most accurate information available in order to enable our customers and visitors resolve any problems they may be having quickly. While we appreciate every visitor to our site, and while we hope you enjoy what you find here, we are aware of the simple fact that you are here to find an answer to a problem that will enable you to move on and do those things that you want to do with your computer.

With this in mind, and in order to help you accomplish this, we research and develop much of our own information and data and publish it here. We also try and locate other Web sites that we feel are structured and that provide well assembled and accurate information.

For some reason modems have a way of giving us the most headaches of all of the devices in our computers. Sometimes they won’t dial out, won’t connect, and when they do dial out and do connect, they appear slow and uncooperative. Then there is the ever present problem of missing drivers, wrong drivers, wrong initialization strings and a myriad of other problems.

The following information may help you in resolving some of these problems.

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