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FAQs About Blue Light and Computer Glasses

It is said that people normally spend about 4 to 5 hours per day looking at a screen. Ever since the pandemic started, we are all bound to sit at home, and our screen time has drastically increased. No matter if you are working from home and if you spend more than 8 hours looking at your computer, if you spend your free time browsing social media, or if you watch all of your favorite shows on your laptop, chances are, you spend most of the day looking at some type of screen. There are harmful rays that can damage your eyes, and in this article, we are going to talk about blue light. Continue reading if you want to know some of the FAQs about blue light and computer glasses.

Will Blue Light glasses really protect my eyes?

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The short answer to this question is yes. During this time when most of us are working from home and spending hours looking at computer screens, we need something that will relieve the stress our eyes are under, and that will protect them. There are three types of lenses, and they are made for everyday use and screen protection, heavy screen time use, and for night uses.

Do they work for my overall health?

Yes, with the fact that they protect your eyes, they will help with a lot of additional problems you may notice from looking at your computer all the time. You won’t feel the fatigue, dizziness, and you won’t constantly feel that pressure built up in your eyes.

Do all prescription glasses come with blue light lenses?

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No, and if you want to get these computer glasses, you will need to talk to your ophthalmologist or optician and let them know you are interested in purchasing these types of lenses. Know that you will also need to give them information about the main uses of these glasses, and you will need to choose if you want to get a pair that will protect your eyes from normal screen uses if you want a pair that will help you if you spend more than 8 hours per day looking at screens, or if you want something that will protect your eyes during the night as well.

Can they damage my eyes?

The blue light can damage your eyes in the long run, and that is why you need to invest in computer glasses that will protect your eyes from this type of light. When it comes to the glasses themselves damaging your eyes or vision, the short answer is no. There will be no side effects, and you will not need to worry about them causing any problems to your vision.

Will they help with my sleep patterns?

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When we are exposed to harmful rays, and when we spend hours looking at screens every day, that can affect our sleep. If you’ve noticed that you have trouble falling asleep at night; if you wake up several times during the night, and if you cannot get enough sleep, chances are, you spend too much time looking at your computer. According to the website of Muunel, once you start using the blue light lenses, you will be able to rest your eyes, you will fall asleep easier, and you won’t wake up during the night.

Will they help with my headaches?

Yes, your headaches will drastically decrease after using these lenses. When our eyes are tired, we will start feeling tension behind our eyes, on our temples, and in the back of our necks. These things can easily lead to tension headaches or even migraines. When you protect your eyes and your vision with computer lenses, you will relieve much of that tension, and you won’t experience that many headaches. Some users say that their headaches completely stopped after getting this type of glasses.

Will they affect my overall look?

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Many people are afraid that they won’t have a lot of choices when it comes to these lenses, and that they won’t be able to follow the latest trends when they choose these lenses. In reality, you can easily pick any frame that you want and you can just let your optician know that you want protective lenses. You can also choose if you want tinted lenses, or if you want them to be transparent. So, they can only affect your look in a positive way, and you should not fear that you will lose your style because of them.

Are there age restrictions?

There are a lot of parents out there who know that their children spend hours and hours gaming, and with zoom classes, they cannot seem to rest their eyes even for a few hours per day. If you think that your children are spending too much time in front of their computer, you should protect their vision as soon as possible. Know that the blue light glasses are a great option for children as well, and your doctor will give you advice on the type of lenses you should get. Know that depending on the age of your children, some options may not be available, and because of this, you should always consult with your doctor before you choose to purchase them.


As you can see, blue light glasses are a great option for everyone and can help you prevent not only eye diseases but also overall health issues. The most important thing you should do is choose the right brand to purchase your glasses from.

The brand Munnel was founded in early 2019 and its main goal is to help people and solve overexposure to blue light. They offer a variety of different glasses for men and women, and they are all with blue light protection. On their website, you can read some tips and tricks on how you can protect your vision, and what you need to do to make sure your eyes stay healthy.

There are a lot of benefits that come from these lenses, but if you are not sure if they are the right choice for you, you should always talk to a professional that will answer your questions and guide you to making the right choice.

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