The Importance of High Click Per Second Rate For Esports Gamers

Competitive gaming is considered to be one of the largest gaming sports in history with millions of fans flocking to stadiums every year to watch their favorite players compete with each other in their favorite games. While many think professional gaming only requires tons of in-game experience and dedication to play, the actual reality goes far beyond that.

According to, many professional Esports games not only require dedication but also several skills that are necessary if you want to stay relevant in the professional gaming industry. One of the most essential of these skills is having a high click per second rate, especially for games that rely heavily on intensive mouse click usage.


While at face value the skill of having a high click per the second rate may not seem as essential as, say, doing flick shots, or quick scopes, or having a high APM rate. But in a select few games and scenarios, having a high click per second rate can be the difference between winning a championship or going home a defeated loser.

Many people underrate the importance of having the skill to click several mouse clicks in as little time as possible. That’s why in this article we will be going through why having a high click speed is essential for Esports gamers, what games benefit the most from it and what actual benefits you can have with it in a professional gaming scenario.

Is a high click per second rate really important for professional gaming?


Let’s get down to the main question right away – is having a high click speed really essential for professional gaming? Does it really matter if you can click several mouse clicks in a single second? Well, as it turns out, it actually is. Having a high click speed is considered to be the golden standard for many games out there and if you can’t click as fast as the other opponent, you automatically lose the game.

Various players from different games such as Minecraft, Age of Empires, Counter Strike and even Dota, all benefit if the players have a high click speed while they are gaming. The skill is so essential that players are known to spend thousands of dollars on the best gaming mouse hardware to ensure that they get the right amount of clicks each time they are playing a competitive game.

Many professional players are reportedly seen saying that they take special time out to exercise their fingers to ensure they have the most optimal click per second rate possible before each match. There have been several instances where two opposite players had the same skills and same in-game advantage, yet one emerged victorious all because the said player had a high click speed while playing the game.

The most competitive players in the world are known to have a click rate of 12 or more. To put that in perspective, most average gamers only have a click rate of 5-6. So, as you can see, it is extremely vital to have a high click speed in competitive Esports gaming and professional players are known to go to extra lengths to ensure they have one.

Which games require players to have a high click rate?


You’d be surprised to know that there are countless games out there that benefit a lot from a high click per second rate. The most well-known game out of this is, surprisingly, Minecraft. Minecraft has an extremely popular competitive gaming scene in PvP servers and bedwar servers.

Most players who are known to be the best bedwar Minecraft players are known to have a click per second rate of professional Esports gamers since it is an essential skill required for making bridges in the game. Another popular competitive game that needs a high click speed is Starfield 2.

Starfield 2 needs players to have a high APM (actions per minute) rate which uses high action of both keyboard and mouse. However, the mouse plays an especially vital role in the success of the game and a high click speed can instantly decide which player is victorious in the match and who is not.

CS:GO, the fan-favorite FPS shooter game, also needs a high click speed in some scenarios. At times a player has a single fire gun equipped on him, if said player can click his mouse fast enough he can then turn that single fire gun into an auto fire gun. In the hands of the right player, a glock can turn into a M4A16, albeit with a little less damage.

This is just the top of the cream and there are many other games out there where professional players have benefited a lot from having a high click per second rate. If you dream of becoming an Esports player one day, we recommend that you get started right away with grinding your mouse clicking skills!

Benefits of having a high click per second rate for professional gaming


As we already discussed, having a high APM for Starfield 2 is necessary for being good at the game and a majority of that APM is calculated based on how fast you can click your mouse. Thus, a high click speed can directly benefit your APM in games which is extremely essential in real-time strategy games where you need to micromanage every small detail.

Clicking fast also allows you to empty your magazine faster in Esports FPS games such as CS:GO and Valorant when you are using single fire guns like pistols and shotguns. In games like LoL and Dota 2, the faster you can click the better you can maneuver your character around the map. This is extremely essential in managing movement as it is harder to correct your movement with slow clicks and is also more time-consuming.

Add to that the fact that slow clicks can sometimes end up landing you in the wrong spot and you have a clear reason why most players keep their clicks sharpened at all times.


Having a click per second rate is really important for Esports gamers and we hope this article helped you realize that. If it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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