Can You Predict Cryptocurrency Prices With Machine Learning?

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are making their way into every aspect of human life. Cryptocurrencies are no exception. But, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and unpredictable. Even humans can go wrong sometimes with the prediction. How can machines do that?

All these concerns are right. And, real-world happenings cannot be predicted by a machine. There are numerous studies, researches, and experiments conducted to check the authenticity of the same. Although it hasn’t been rolled out on a large scale yet, rumors are favoring its launch. Maybe not tomorrow, but anytime soon.

However, popular predictors and platforms are already utilizing machine learning technology to provide real-time price fluctuations of the crypto market. These predictions are considered highly reliable and credible. The automated processes ensure that you get real-time predictions for better trading and investment experience. Read more here about the BitcoinProfitPro’s crypto services.

1. Real-time predictions


Most of the cryptocurrency platforms are now employing machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to provide their users with uninterrupted and real-time predictions to continue trading without any delay.

The visual and real-time data helps investors decide about their investments, while the predictions help them analyze their previous and next investment decisions. If you are a keen observer, even stock markets use machine learning technology to display real-time data to investors and traders.

Although prediction hasn’t been rolled out on a large scale. If the pace continues, investors get to see predictions too not too late from now.

2. Can it predict

Generally, machine learning is nothing but the automation of processes. But, natural happenings are unpredictable. While one section of experts argues that the potential of machine learning makes anything possible, a few others argue that natural and human happenings cannot be predicted by machines no matter what.

Amidst the chaos, the technicians and engineers are already testing and experimenting with machine learning technology to decide the credibility.

However, it is not yet rolled out in a full-fledged manner. But, the real-time display of data is highly and widely used across the globe. For now, the display of data is done through machine learning. But, to decide on the prediction, only time has answers.

3. Other algorithms are already doing it


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in nature. Their price varies by each second sometimes. Despite this, some algorithms are already employed in a few places to experiment with the prediction of cryptocurrency prices by machine learning.

Now the expert’s question, when some algorithms are already doing it, why can’t machine learning do it.

4. Are these predictions reliable

After the whole debate about whether or not to roll out machine learning, the concern has shifted to whether or not these predictions are reliable. On a normal trade day, these predictions may be reliable and trustworthy.

But, what happens in unprecedented situations like Coronavirus that shakes the roots of financial markets. Can machine learning still be relevant, appropriate, and reliable in these kinds of situations?

5. Risk factor


Crypto prediction platforms usually strive to lessen the risk factor for their investors and traders. They do it by employing the most professional, experienced, and expert predictors, investors, and traders.

But, to err is human. Why can’t humans go wrong? What if they do go wrong? There is a risk factor involved in human predictions too.

In the same manner, machines are believed to provide reliable predictions but they may go wrong sometimes. Hence, there is a risk factor involved in both of them. But, crypto platforms like Bitcoin Profit Pro employ both models to reduce the chances of going wrong and eliminate the probability of risk factors.

6. Comparison

Machines work faster than human brains and they do the best work in comparing the prices with other currencies and so on.

The better the comparison is, the better the probabilities of profit. Although machine learning may not be reliable in all cases, under normal circumstances machines are widely praised for their precision abilities. Hence, machine learning gives the best data.

7. Recent trends


Recent trends can be seen predicting the profits and prices of cryptocurrencies using machine learning. China is already taking appropriate steps in this direction. And, many other countries are also trying and experimenting with machines and artificial intelligence to predict the prices of cryptocurrencies.

Although machine learning is used in the crypto market recently, stock markets have been already using it widely for real-time data display and predictions as well. If all these experiments prove to be fruitful we will get to see machine learning predictions anytime soon for a better experience, uninterrupted predictions, and other features that help investors and traders make better decisions to earn more profits.

Pushing all the speculations aside, a combination of machine and human intelligence can avert the risk involved and maximize the profits or reduce the risk involved. No matter what these studies and experiments prove, a mix of both intelligent techniques is the best way forward. So, it’s time until anything is decided and maybe it is not far away.


Machine learning and Automation have surely changed human lives for the better in the majority of aspects. All the things that we are experiencing now were once strongly debated. Maybe the same thing is going on with machine learning. However, the debates continue to go unabated until these experiments yield tangible results. For that, it has to be launched on a large scale first. But, that happens only if the results are up to the mark.

Cryptocurrencies are not a new technology but machine learning relatively is. Cryptocurrencies were not as reliable a few years ago. But, now more and more people are investing in the crypto market and reaping huge benefits. Machine learning is believed to enhance the investor experience and help them optimize their knowledge to gain more profits.

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