5 Home Security Tips and Rules Every Family Needs to Follow

Our home is a place where we let our guard down. Therefore, it is also the most likely place for us to get any harm. But the reason that we feel safe at our home is that we know it well. Furthermore, we know that no one there would harm us. But to get that sense of security, there must be rules to follow.

For example, if you do not close the main door, there is a chance that a burglar would enter. Thus, you are no longer safe. For more information visit the website Your Calvert.

So what can you do to keep yourself safe at your place? First, you should get secure locks and check whether your main door is safe or not. Thieves and burglars have various ways of unlocking doors. Therefore, you should ensure your safety through all such possible means.

But the best solution is to get security tools. And what’s that?

1. Making your cameras secure


You must have heard a lot that hackers can hack your computers and mobile phones. This is a reality. That is why you need to be careful about these things. And how can you prevent such accidents? You can get help from professionals.

Click here to know more about the security solutions. Comfocare provides you with cyber security so that hackers cannot use your cameras against you. Furthermore, they provide you with other solutions as well, so that you can stay calm at your home.

In addition to getting cybersecurity, you should also use manual ways to protect yourself. For example, always keep your computer shut down. But you cannot always keep it off and also, hackers can turn it on. Therefore, you need to buy a camera cover. There are manual camera covers for mobile phones, laptops and computers.

If you are using a pc, you should disconnect the webcam. And if you have a laptop, you must get a camera protector. This will cover the lens and to use the camera, you must slide it manually. Likewise, there are also cam covers for mobile phones. So get them and stay protected.

2. Installing an intercom

You must have watched The Vampire Diaries, right? So you must know it very well that vampires need the permission of the homeowner to get in there. Just like that, someone can directly enter your home through the main door. You won’t know if someone is a thief from behind the door.

Therefore, you should get an intercom. This device allows you to contact the person behind the door. You can install it at the main door. So if someone arrives at your home, he must contact you through the intercom. You can talk to them and then open the door.

No need to open your door for someone you do not know. A lot of times burglars and thieve enter your home by hiding their identity. They call themselves deliverymen or service providers. So if you do not have any expected delivery, no need to open the door. Even if you have ordered something, ask the deliveryman to leave the parcel around the door.

3. Fire and burglary protection


Another security system is to install special devices to detect any abnormal activity in your place. There are fire alarms that can detect smoke and will turn on the water showers. So if there is a fire, the water will turn it off on time. However, you cannot install water sprinkles around electrical boards. Electricity and water should remain at a distance from each other.

In this case, the detectors will send a notification to your mobile phone too. So if there is smoke at your place and it is coming from the electricity board, you will get the notification. This will allow you to call the fire brigade on time.

Likewise, you can also get smoke detectors that can also detect carbon monoxide. Because the death cases resulting from gas overdose are also increasing, this is a necessity. You must keep your home safe at any cost. So if there is a leakage of carbon monoxide, the detectors will detect it and will send you the signal. So you can take care of things if you are not at home.

Likewise, there are motion detectors too. So if you are leaving your home, you can activate the motion detector. And if anyone enters your place without you being there, the motion detector will send you the notification, in addition to this, it will also capture the complete footage that you can use as proof.

4. Keep your door and windows secure

Despite installing cameras and motion sensors, what can you do if you are away from your home? Or what if you are sleeping in your home and someone enters? Therefore, the first line of defense is the door and then the windows of your home.

Therefore, you should make sure that the windows and doors are secured. You can do so by trying to open the door or window from outside. Lock the windows and go out and try to open them. If you are unable to do so, then it is good. Likewise, you should get at least 2 types of locks for your main door. One of them should only be opened from inside. This will give you a sense of security.

5. Secure your glass windows


French windows are amazing and they also look good. But burglars can use them against you. Therefore, if you are using glass in your doors and windows, make sure that it is sight-proof.

There is a special glass that does not allow outsiders to see inside. You can see what’s going on outside the glass but not the outsiders. Likewise, you can also use blinds or curtains to cover your windows. Do not provide a way for others to see what’s going on inside your home.

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