Frontpage Tips and Tricks, Seeing the actual HTML code in FrontPage

Seeing the Actual HTML Code in FrontPage

The reason most people use FrontPage is because they don’t want to sit in front of their computers and write HTML code by hand. Well, in FrontPage you can apply the “Now you see it, now you don’t” concept!

Even if you’re not planning to use any HTML (which you’re probably not, since you’re using FrontPage to build your Web site), it’s sometimes handy to know how to see your HTML code. And since HTML is a (relatively) easy programming language, you can learn a lot about it just by skimming through the code you’ve inadvertently created. There are two ways to view HTML in FrontPage 2000.

If you want to see all the HTML code that’s been created as you’ve built your page, simply click the HTML tab at the bottom of the screen. Suddenly all the images and text of your page will turn into HTML mumbo-jumbo. When you’re done giving it a look-see, click the Normal tag, and your page will return to Normal.

You can also see just the HTML tags on your page. To do this, choose View, Reveal Tags. Now you’ll see little yellow markers that tell you where each tag begins and ends. When you’re done looking at the tags, simply choose View, Reveal Tags to turn them off.

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