Creating a Web Page with a Text Editor

You can use a standard text editor, such as Notepad, to create a Web page by typing in the HTML formatting tags. HTML formatting tags are bracketed commands that enclose your text, telling the Web browser how to interpret the structure of your document.

To create Web pages with a text editor

  1. In a standard text (ASCII) editor, create a basic skeleton, or template, to provide your browser with important HTML header and formatting information. Type in the following tags:
  2. Place the title of your Web page between the opening and closing tags. This title appears in your Web browser’s title bar and not on your page. When you choose a title, use one that is brief and descriptive of your Web page’s content.
  3. Put the text and other content that you want to appear in your Web browser between the opening and closing tags.
  4. Save your HTML file using an .htm extension, and then open the file in a Web browser to view your changes.

    Tip   You should probably review the HTML specifications (available on the Internet) to fully plan your HTML pages. By using your Web browser’s source viewing feature, you can also view the HTML source file for almost any Web page. You can use this feature to learn how other HTML authors have designed their Web pages.

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