5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Conference Room

The conference room is a place where we and our employees will spend a lot of time especially if our business aims to keep everybody up to date on current events consistently. While knowing how to use and apply them is important, we should also give attention to the way these rooms are set up. There are many pitfalls one can fall into when looking into setting up one of these. Designing just about anything within a conference room can be real trouble which is why we are covering all the frequent and simple mistakes you should avoid.

1. Cutting costs when setting one up isn’t advisable


While it may be tempting to skimp out on more expensive equipment for the conference room, the results will usually result in a subpar experience for all employees. Starting with the room itself, if it isn’t properly cooled or heated, the room could immediately cause our employees to be less than keen on being inside of it. Whatever transpires in it will be affected by the temperature issues within the room.

Furnishing and seating are included in this subject too. Just about any place, we have to dwell on for long periods of time becomes decently unbearable if we cannot relax while in it. Be it chairs, tables, or any other form of furniture utilized in the room, make sure to equip yourself properly. The chairs that aren’t comfortable will have a result annoying our employees and ruining their focus. Combine that with tables that may not be at a good height and you have the additional problem of furniture that could actively damage the health of the employees.

Other bits of the equipment such as audio and visual equipment for presentations shouldn’t be low on funds either. After all, these are the tools we are supposed to utilize in order to showcase detail and information to our employees that are important for the proceeding jobs. If they aren’t up to snuff, it’ll result in our presentations having a diminished impact. By bringing in high-quality equipment, our employees will get highly useful and engaging experiences within the conference room.

These fully-equipped rooms are often referred to as huddle rooms too. Such huddle rooms present a space where extra equipment can be utilized for better effects. You can check out the benefits of such rooms on Hudd. They offer a great slew of information as well as huddle room solutions.

2. Room is noisy

As we’ve covered above, you want the audio and visual equipment to properly aid in communicating ideas to those people within the conference room no matter the cost. You also want them to be able to discern all the important details without having to strain too much to catch everything due to disrupting sounds and noises.

Loud and poorly isolated conference rooms can be quite an issue. Not only are the people within them unable to pay attention to the current presentation, but they are also getting distracted by the sudden noises coming from outside the room. Depending on the location of the conference room, that problem can escalate to the point where you are incapable of utilizing the room much. It may include having to schedule the meetings based on the sources of loud sounds coming from outside or having to cut them short when the clarity of sound within the room becomes very bad.

The solution to this is going to be proper sound isolation. It is assumed you’ve already equipped the conference room with quality speakers, now it’s time to make sure nothing interferes with them. By doing your whole conference room correctly from the start you can cut down the additional works that’ll be necessary once you start detecting issues such as these. With proper sound isolation, you may never have to deal with the problem of outside noise ever again.

3. Not having enough space


While you may take into account the seating space needed for the current number of people that will frequent the room, some things may slip your mind resulting in a lack of space. The first and most frequent one is not accounting for the extra equipment needed to present and showcase things within the conference room. While machines and peripherals have become rather small in our advanced technological age, they still need space when assembled in huge complex systems.

To make sure you aren’t squeezing all the important objects at the last moment, take the time out of your schedule to actually calculate what’s the space you’ll need for all the equipment. Leave some extra space if possible because it’ll always come in handy either during exceptionally busy meetings or when adding extensions to the conference room experience.

4. Make sure it’s well lit

A constant mistake people make with rooms in general and especially conference rooms, is having poor lighting. The lighting of the interior is key to its clarity and the health of those within it. Those interiors that have poor lighting will often lead to further problems for the people who operate in them.

Even if it’s shorter term, it could leave side effects after multiple visits to the conference rooms. The poor lighting also lessens the chances that our message will be clearly transferred to the recipients. This can lead to confusion or us having to repeat ourselves so those who haven’t been able to parse visuals being presented can catch up.

A well-lit room does nothing but enhance the experience of a huddle room so establishing it before the room is even fully equipped is incredibly important. It will increase the focus of those who come to engage while reducing strain on their eyes.

5. Make sure the actual design fits


It’s not rare that people decide to pick the blandest colors possible for their huddle rooms and call it a day. Utilizing good and interesting colors can make the conference room seem more alive. Additionally, it can have positive effects on the mental well-being of those who stay inside it.

Making sure that the room conveys the mood you are aiming to set is important in enhancing that mood within the room itself. The furniture should also pair well with that mood, bringing it even further forward.

Introducing furniture that is functional and fits the whole room can result in a higher level of satisfaction without even that much extra effort. Switching to a more colorful room from the standard neutral office colors can be invigorating as well.

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