Are Sex Dolls Becoming Mainstream For Men And Women During The Pandemic More Now Than Ever?

The pandemic and lockdowns have created many issues in the world, especially when it comes to the economy. While many industries are still struggling to recover from these problems, some branches got advantages and huge growth, such as the adult industry, delivery services, and online casinos.

Since most people had to stay at home during lockdowns, it is not a surprise that there was an expansion of sex toys. Apart from the pandemic, this industry is evolving in recent years because of the developments in technology and the use of improved materials.

One of the biggest trends are sex dolls. Even though most people will keep it a secret if they have one of these toys, the charts are showing that sales were booming especially during 2024. This industry used the situation in their favor and started creating higher-quality dolls that can provide a near-realistic experience. If you want to check some of the best male and female dolls, visit

Besides the effects of the pandemic, there are other reasons for such popularity today, and they are related to the properties of these dolls. With effective vaccination in the world, it seems that the situation is getting under control. In most countries, bars and restaurants, along with other public places, are open again. Many people expected that it will lead to a decrease in sales of sex dolls. However, this market continues to grow.

Quarantine Changed the Views of People

The simple explanation for a huge increase in sales of sex dolls is that people were lonely. Most of the public places were closed due to lockdown. Therefore, there was no way to meet people and find a potential partner.

The popularity of dating sites increased as well, but social distance is still recommended, and most of us are still afraid that there could be a new spread of the virus. In that matter, sex dolls and other toys became the safest option when someone is feeling lonely.

Spending months without the ability to hang out in bars and nightclubs can be stressful, especially for singles. On the other hand, a sex doll can make it much easier when someone is stuck at home. There is an increase in people who are struggling with anxiety and depression, and these toys can help with that as well.

The expansion of this market started a few years earlier, but it can be seen that the growth rate has increased by over 30% when we compare 2024 and 2019. Currently, the value of this market is around $35 billion, and it is estimated that it will reach over $50 billion in the next five years.

Influence of Technology

With the improvements in the production with new materials and integrated features that provide a realistic appearance and experience, the sales would explode even if there was no pandemic at all. Modern production lines and advanced methods are leading to the application of high-quality synthetic and other materials that provide quality, resistance, and a realistic feel.

The design also resembles the real person, with the texture of the skin, hair, and other attributes that provides a unique experience. Moreover, we have to mention the integration of AI technology. If you are interested in spending more money on this toy, you could get one with moving and speaking abilities. The regular silicone doll costs around $2,000, while models with AI will cost at least $3,500.

It’s No Longer a Taboo

When the first sex toys were introduced in public, many people criticized that it could negatively affect the relations between people. The same is with sex dolls. However, the trends are changing along with the ways how people are seeing these things.

The main reasons why someone would buy a sex doll are fun and satisfaction. Also, it is interesting how men are now interested in this industry because new models of sex toys are targeting them at the same level as women. Before the introduction of sex dolls, the most common toys were vibrators and dildos, which are especially targeting females.

Many experts believe that the popularity will become even higher in the future. People are now more open to new things, and even couples are using sex dolls and other toys because it can bring a new level of excitement in the bedroom. On the other hand, the way of life is changing as well. It is common for people to work from home and communicate only over social media and other apps.

However, those who are criticizing the expansion of sex dolls should know that there is no way that it will somehow manage to affect people’s needs and desires to find a partner, be in a relationship, get married, and start a family. We should look at this only as entertainment for both singles and couples.

How To Choose the Right Sex Doll?

The great thing about this market is that you can find all kinds of models that are highlighting curves or some other features. Therefore, choosing should not be difficult. It is important to determine the budget.

If you are looking to buy this toy for the first time, and you are not sure what to expect, the best solution is to start with a torso sex doll, which you can find for around $500. When it comes to realistic models, you will have to spend at least $1,500. Be sure to choose reliable and well-known stores, so you can be sure that the doll has high quality and duration.

Last Words

The situation with the virus had a huge effect on sales. However, this market would still expand because they are offering something new and unique. People are always interested in excitement, entertainment, and satisfaction.

We expect further improvements of sex dolls, which will lead to even higher popularity. Integration of AI technology represents the biggest revolution because it provides dolls with the ability to communicate, which brings the experience to a whole new level.

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