Is It Possible to Recover Data for Free?

Even the most important files that have been secured by a data security protocol and managed diligently to ensure no data loss events occur are not safe from accidental deletion or unknown loss. It has been seen that most of the data loss events are due to our negligence and lack of cautiousness due while handling data.

This is where data recovery software tools come into the frame offering their services and recover lost and deleted data. However, with the data recovery software, the only drawback is that you have to pay for the services.

Can You Recover Lost Data for Free?

When there is a mountain of sensitive data that needs to be received, paying for it is not a big deal. However, when you have only a few megabytes of data to recover, paying hundreds of dollars might not feel true.

Just recently, I had my SD card corrupted while sharing data with my PC. The file size was just a few hundred megabytes. But paying almost $99 to recover it doesn’t feel right. So, I started looking for solutions that can help me get back my data for free.

While I was looking for a solution, I came across many solutions to recover data for free.

1. Recover Data Using Data Recovery Software


Frankly speaking, when data loss happens, you can take the best help from professional data recovery software. As we are looking for a free solution, you must look for data recovery software that offers free services. With that being said, data recovery software might be a great help for you with its 1GB free data recovery service in its free version. Besides this, here’s what iBoysoft offers. Check it out.

High recovery rate: you are promised a 99% data recovery rate using data recovery applications. No matter what the data loss scenario is, you have the chance to get your deleted and lost data back.

Multiple macOS support: no matter it is the latest macOS 12 Beta, or macOS 11 Big Sur, or the previous Catalina, or whatever, the software is capable of run on it fluently.

Various devices type supported: be it an HDD, SSD, USB drive, external hard disk drive, SD card, or memory card, this tool can deal with data recovery. It supports more than 1000+ file types and file formats.

Clear and simple-to-use interface: without any pointless and redundant design, the tool provides its customers with a simple and clear user interface. Even if you are a novice without any knowledge related to data recovery or technology, you can handle their software with ease.

Guaranteed security: with data recovery software, you are completely free to use it. No worry about virus attacks or malware infection, thus keeping your data safe and away from data loss or data corruption.

2. Recover Data from Recycle Bin

It is the only place that stores all your deleted files and folders. When we delete any data, it is not permanently deleted, it is stored in the recycle bin for security reasons.

The Computer manufacturers know that mistakes happen, and these mistakes should not affect the normal flow of the work. Hence, they have come up with a recycle bin that stores all the deleted data. You can use this to your advantage to recover your lost data.

3. Recover Data from Backups


If you are an individual who values your data and follows the best practices to ensure your data is safe and secure, then you must have backed up your data. When you experience a data loss scenario, find the folders where your data has been backed up and recover the data. There are several ways of backing up. For example, you can simply copy and paste all your data into the external hard drive and consider this drive as your backup drive. Or, you can resort to some built-in applications in the OS. Let’s take macOS for example, you can turn on Time Machine and follow the onscreen steps to back up all your data in the backup drive. What’s more, you can even upload your data into a network drive such as iCloud to store it. With all the backup methods mentioned above, you can choose either way to restore your lost data when necessary.

4. Recover Data from the Previous Version

In case you are using Windows operating system and you have emptied the recycle bin and have no backups to boot your data recovery plan, one possible way out of this problem is to restore your lost data from the previous version of your system.

If you have enabled the windows system restore facility, these steps will help you restore from the previous version.

  • Go to my computer.
  • Navigate to the folders that contain the previous version of files.
  • Double click the folder.
  • The list of files will be visible on the screen. Drag the files and folder to a different location for further use.

5. Hire Professional Data Recovery Agents


If all the methods fail, the only option you have left is to take help from professionals. This method is not something this article needs; despite that, I have given this method to ensure that you have all the means to recover your lost data.

The data recovery professionals will take care of the problem at a service cost. While they are dealing with data recovery, you have to spend your time without your precious data. The price of the service will depend on the severity and access to the devices. You can find more information here.

Take Away

Data recovery is something that every individual need to have. This article has listed down a few free data recovery solutions that will certainly benefit you in your data recovery process.

To sum up, whether you are dealing with business data or just personal simple images, data recovery software offers solutions to recover data from all data loss scenarios. But you should always remember to back up your data in case of any emergency.

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