Interesting Gambling: Fascinating Facts about Casinos in India and the World

Casinos and the gambling industry are huge all over the world. But where did it all begin? Why are slot machines called gambling machines?

Check this article to find answers to these and many other questions you didn’t even know you had!

Floating casino in India

Indian gambling operator Delta Corp has announced a floating casino for tourists in Goa. The liner should be built by mid-2022. The project will cost about $20.5 million and replace the same company’s current Deltin Caravela casino liner that runs on the Mandovi River in Goa, India.

The floating casino will be built by mid-2024 and will be designed and built by Waterways Shipyard, which is almost half-owned by Delta Corp. You can find more infromations on

Now you can gamble with rupees not only in land and online casinos in India but even on the water!

Where was the first casino?


The gambling market has been around for centuries. The ancient Romans and Greeks had various online casino games that they bet on, even the classical philosopher Aristotle wrote about the likelihood of dice, and the word “dice” itself comes from the ancient Greek word “dike,” which means “to throw.”

The first modern gambling house was the Ridotto, founded in 1638 by the Great Council of Venice in Italy to control gambling during carnivals. Thus, the word “casino” itself came from eighteenth-century Italy and meant “little house.” On the other hand, the first online casino opened its virtual doors during the heyday of the Internet boom of the 1990s in 1996, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sandwiches were invented in casinos!

Fourth Earl Sandwich John Montagu is believed to have invented the world’s most popular midday meal during a 24-hour game. The story goes that not to interrupt his gambling, he told his cook to prepare food from the usual ingredients, but between two slices of fresh bread to make it easier to eat and play!

When were slot machines invented, and why fruit machines?


The first slot machine was developed in 1895 by inventor Charles Fey of San Francisco, America. His machine was called “Liberty Bell” and was installed in his garage, where customers could wait for their cars to be repaired and play.

Initially, slot machines did not give cash prizes, but prizes such as drinks, food, and cigarettes. The most famous was the fruit machines, which got their name from the fruit symbols on the reels and the fact that the winners were rewarded with fruit-flavored chewing gum!

And if you want to check out the new fruit slots – try them in casinos in India on rupees. One of such websites is LuckyLife. You can play Fruits Slots online there.

The Nevada State Penitentiary used to have its casino!

In the American state of Nevada, the gambling industry is so big that the infamous state prison even had its casino for 35 years, from 1932 to 1967. On the grounds of Carson City Prison, in a stone building called the Bull Pen, inmates could play various games such as poker, blackjack, craps, gin rummy, and even bet on sports events using the prison’s currency! It was a sophisticated operation that helped entertain the inmates and encourage good behavior, but woe betides anyone who tried to cheat at the game! To the dismay of the inmates, it was shut down when the new warden called gambling “degrading.”

How did Las Vegas become the center of gambling?


When you think of casinos, you automatically think of the Las Vegas Strip. However, the first legal casino license in the city was issued in 1920 to Mayme Stoker for her North Club Casino. Mayme was a mother and appeared regularly on the pages of the local community.

Her club offered a variety of games, including lowball poker, stud poker, draw poker, 500, and bridge. The Las Vegas Strip – in Paradise, by the way, not Las Vegas itself – grew up in the 1950s, helped in part by the U.S. Department of Energy atomic bomb test 65 miles northwest of town.

Tourists wanted to see the mushroom clouds, and the local chamber of commerce began organizing events such as atomic bomb parties and the Miss. Atomic Energy” beauty pageant – featuring contestants in atomic mushroom cloud costumes – to attract customers!

Although many in the world still consider Las Vegas the home of gambling, the Chinese territory of Macau is the largest gambling city in the world!

Poker game

You can take a ride in the world’s smallest casino!

Thrill-seekers who want to try something new can enjoy a visit to the world’s smallest casino. But, unlike most casinos, this little treasure is not located in a building but the back of a London black cab! In Birmingham, UK, the Grosvenor Casino has launched a mobile casino – with a gaming table, a dealer, a bar – to raise money for charity.

Customers can go anywhere in town and enjoy flutterball. Or they can get a ride to the casino itself. The compact casino has also toured major UK cities, giving people from all over the country the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience and raise some money for an excellent cause.

The longest poker game has ever lasted almost ten years!


The longest poker game ever occurred at the Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, Arizona, a small town founded around silver mines. On December 26, 1881, the theater was opened by owners Lottie and William “Billy” Hutchinson, vaudeville artists.

However, the local mining community was not enamored with vaudeville shows, and entertainment quickly turned to gamble in the building’s basement. As a result, the longest-running game in history began in 1881. Participation in the tournament cost a whopping 1,000 euros – prohibitively expensive for the average person, which means that some notable players participated in this game, including such famous names as George Hurst, Diamond Jim Brady, Adolphus Busch, Doc Holliday, Beth Masterson, and Wyatt Earp.

The game went on continuously 24 hours a day and lasted an incredible eight years, five months, and three days! As much as 10,000,000 Euros were rumored to have changed hands during the tournament.

The Devil’s Game?

The word “roulette” comes from the French “little wheel,” which needs no explanation. The roulette was invented by a French mathematician who lived in the 16th century.

Pascal lived in the sixteenth century. Although some historians claim that there is evidence that similar games were played with spinning wheels in ancient China, and the old Romans rotated their shields or chariot wheels. The diabolical connection comes from the “magician Gomberg,” François Blanc, who ran the infamous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. Some say he made a fatal deal with the devil to learn the secrets of roulette and why numbers add up to the beast’s number – 666!

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