Backing Up Your Dial-up Settings

Backing Up Your ISP (Dial-up) Information

We are often asked whether there is an easy way to back up the ISP Dial-up information. As an example, have you recently purchased a new computer and had to call your Internet service provider to get going on the Internet even though your old computer has all of the necessary information?

The information you seek is stored in the Windows 95/98 Registry. To make a backup, click Start, Run, type in


and press Enter.

As always, be very careful when you are running RegEdit–you can do some serious damage to your system installation if you delete something you shouldn’t or add something that doesn’t belong.

When RegEdit opens, navigate to:


Click RemoteAccess to select it, then choose Registry, Export Registry File.

When the Export Registry File dialog box appears, type a name for it such as “ispbackup” (without the quotes) and choose a location for your new file, preferably a good floppy disk.

Now click Save to save the file and close the dialog box.

Back in RegEdit, choose Registry, Exit to close the program.

Note: Since one reason to make a backup is to protect yourself if your hard disk should fail, copy this file to a floppy disk or a Zip disk for safekeeping. If you need to restore the settings, locate your ISP REG file and double-click its icon. This merges the file with the Registry and restores your original settings.

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