Using Windows 2000 Backup

  • Using the Backup Wizard

    1. Start Backup. From the Start menu, click Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Backup.
    2. On the Welcome tab, click Backup Wizard.
    3. At the “Welcome to the Windows 2000 Backup and Recovery Tools” screen, click Next.
    4. Click Back up everything on my computer, and then click Next.
    5. Select a Backup media type, select Backup media or file name, and then click Next.
    6. Click Advanced to set advanced backup options, including backup type, data verification, hardware compression, media labels and ownership, and scheduling. Otherwise, the Backup Wizard sets the following options by default:
      • Backup type: normal.
      • Migrated Remote Storage data: do not back up.
      • Data verification: none.
      • Hardware compression: on (if backing up to tape); off (if backing up to file).
      • Ownership/permissions: not set.
      • Overwrite/append data to media: overwrite.
      • Backup and media labels: set to time and date that Backup is performed.
      • Schedule: Not set (runs Backup immediately).
    7. Click Finish to start the backup operation.

    The advanced backup options that appear when you run the Backup Wizard are a subset of the options you can set in the Backup tool. To prepare for disaster recovery and configure other options, use the following procedure.

  • Manually Using Backup
    1. Start Backup.
    2. On the Backup tab, select the volumes, files, and folders to back up. Select System State or you cannot use the backup set for disaster recovery.
    3. In the Backup destination list box, choose the type of media to which to back up, and then choose Backup media or file name.
    4. On the Tools menu, click Options to configure backup options, and then click OK.
    5. Click Start Backup, and then make any changes you want to the Backup Job Information dialog box.
    6. Click Advanced to set advanced backup options, and then click OK.
    7. Click Schedule to add the backup operation to the Task Scheduler so that it runs automatically at some time in the future.
    8. Click Start Backup to start the backup operation.

    Note: You will find all of the NTbackup Command Line parameters (syntax and switches) here in our NTbackup Command Line Parameters.

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