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Base Operating System [ Top ]
Q265010 Support for O2Micro CardBus Controllers OZ6912 and OZ6922 Added in SP1
Q265006 Remote Storage Oplocks Failures Cause Reduction in System Performance
Q263116 Slow DirectX Performance in Windows 2000
Q263114 Greek Letter Sigma Teliko Is Not Displayed Properly in NetMeeting
Q262825 Memory Leak When Deleting File Control Blocks
Q262705 Cluster Administrator Incorrectly Rejects Trusted Domain SIDs as Local SIDs
Q262661 Cannot Configure Minimum Remote Storage File Size Larger Than 9,999 KB
Q262558 Error Message Configuring Optional Components in Windows 2000
Q262554 Error Message Copying Large Amounts of Data from an Offline Drive
Q262388 Denial-of-Service Attack Possible from Linux RPC Client
Q261939 “Stop 0x00000027 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM” Error Message During Shutdown
Q261590 Computer May Hang on Restart After LUNs are Increased to 160+
Q261199 STOP 0x50 in Usbhub.sys with Surprise Removal of Plug and Play USB Hub
Q261122 Error Message: The Internal Database Maintained by the Dfs Service Is Corrupt
Q260982 “Stop 0x0000001E” Error Message After Changing Color Depth
Q260919 Disk Defragmenter on FAT32 Volume Hangs with Long Path Names
Q260916 DirectInput Programs Lose Critical Mouse Events
Q260913 Cannot Back Up Registry or Event Logs on Dynamic Volumes
Q260830 STOP 0x1E in Usbhub.sys with Surprise Removal of Plug and Play USB Hub
Q260197 Interactive Logon Allows Unauthorized Actions in Desktop Process
Q259711 Application May Not Open Handle to Plug and Play Device Connected to a USB Hub
Q259622 Command Processor May Not Parse Excessive Arguments Properly
Q258874 Ntbackup Buffer for Esebcli2.dll Annotation Is Too Small
Q258541 “Stop 0xA” Trying to Reuse a Freed File Handle
Q258065 Processes Running Under Services.exe Blocking
Q258060 Resolved Vulnerability in the SMAPI Port
Q257939 Screen Saver Policy May Not Be Applied
Q257503 Clusdisk Hides Disks Without Signatures
Q257458 PC Card Driver Updated to Allow Interrupt Sharing
Q257301 Possible Data Loss in the Locally Cached File
Q257299 Memory.dmp File Is Missing or Contains Corrupted Data
Q257292 Clear Text Password May Not Be Recognized
Q257278 High CPU Usage When Computer Is Running on Battery
Q256978 Bandwidth Leak with IEEE 1394 Video Capture
Q256945 Evans and Sutherland Lightning 1200 Hangs Bus
Q256877 “Operating System Not Found” Running Setup with Compaq Smart Array Controllers
Q256859 HP OfficeJet T and G Series Fax Device May Not Work Properly
Q256858 HP PhotoSmart P1000/P1100 Printer May Experience Data Corruption with ECP Bi-Directional Communication Port
Q255674 Drwtsn32 Does Not Work If User Does Not Have Write Rights to Registry Key
Q255570 Wrong Value for InDOS Flag After Absolute Disk Read and Write Functions in 16-Bit MS-DOS-Based Programs
Q255007 FileReplicaConn Counter Objects Do Not Log Values in System Monitor
Q254813 “Stop 0x000000cb” Uninstalling SMS 2.0 on Windows 2000
Q254611 Eject Request May Cause “Stop 0xA” Error Message
Q254360 XADM: Content Indexing, Free/Busy Publishing Do Not Work on a Clustered Server
Q253975 Iomega Jaz Drive Is Detected on Computer But May Not Start
Q253943 Windows Media Service Handshake Vulnerability
Q253643 Application Does Not Receive Device Arrival Notification for Plug and Play USB Devices
Q253618 Administratively Assigned Offline File Requires Repeated Synchronization After Conflict
Q253152 High Bandwidth Unavailable with VIA 1394 Open Host Controller
Q252500 Ntbackup.exe May Cause 100 Percent Central Processing Unit Utilization
Q252471 Error Message: Removable Storage Manager Refused the Request to Hibernate or Suspend the System
Q252465 Sysdiff /m Does Not Apply Changes to the Default User
Q252332 Event ID 3013 When You Copy Files to a Server That Is Under Disk Stress
Q252192 “Stop 0x00000050” in Ntfs.sys Under Stress Accessing Freed FCB
Q252182 Stop 0x0000007F When You Restart Your Computer with MCD Tape Changers
Q251381 Iomega Tools Do Not Display Parallel Port Drives in Windows 2000
Q251017 Cannot Log On to Share Using Roaming Profiles
Q250998 Access Violation in Cmd.exe in Long Batch Files Using “FOR /F”
Q250978 FRS May Create Duplicate File IDs on High-Performance Computers, Preventing Full Replication of Sysvol and DFS Replicas
Q250545 SYSVOL Directory Is Slow to Synchronize, Delays Creation of SYSVOL Share and Domain Controller Registration
Q249257 No Notification When Recalling Files from Remote Storage Server
Q248740 Upgrading to Windows NT 4.0 SP5 Causes Stop 0x50 in DFS DosPathName.Length
Q246119 Setup Cannot Continue After Reformatting Dynamic System/Boot Partition
Q245799 Cannot Remove False System Partition Using Disk Management
Q244832 Remote Storage Migration Job Performance Begins to Degrade Over Time
Q243232 Ki386VdmSegmentNotPresent Causes “Stop 0x00000050” Error Message

Directory Services [ Top ]
Q263876 DNS Caches Last Negative Response Returned on Multihomed Server
Q262637 Dr Watson Error Message in Services.exe When You Use IPconfig.exe with the /displaydns Switch
Q261203 Error Messages When Windows 2000 Client in Windows 2000 Domain Attempts to Open Active Directory Snap-in
Q262188 DNS Dynamic Updates May Not Work
Q260941 Dcpromo Does Not Work If Administrator Account Is Deleted or the Domain Guests Account Is Manually Created
Q260939 Global Catalogs May Not Reach Consistent State Adding Attributes to Partial Attribute Set
Q259401 Active Directory Objects May Be Modified Programmatically
Q258507 ADsOpenObject(), ADsGetObject(), OpenDSObject() Functions May Generate Incorrect DNS Queries
Q258282 DNS Service Memory Leak
Q258073 Access Violation in Dns.exe When You Attempt to Use Unicode Characters
Q258072 DNS Server Does Not Start with DBCS Domain Names
Q258066 LDAP Sessions Do Not Time Out Properly
Q258019 DNS Server Problem When Dynamic Updates Occur with Conflicting Entries
Q257646 Windows 2000 Domain Controller Trusts May Not Work with LMCompatibilityLevel of 4 or 5
Q257462 Dynamic Update Does Not Work Using BIND DNS Forwarder
Q257459 Event ID 1519 on Domain Controller
Q256641 Windows NT 4.0-Based Domain Users and Groups Are Displayed Slowly on Windows 2000-Based Computers
Q256067 Attempting to Create New Zone in DNS Manager Causes MMC Exception
Q255897 Lsass.exe May Quit on Windows 2000 Domain Controller with Reverse Order Search
Q255003 Cannot Use Administrative Tools to Manage User Accounts If User Name Contains a Slash Mark
Q254541 DNS Does Not Send Name Query to WINS with CNAME Records
Q253887 XADM: Active Directory Connector Does Not Match to sidHistory After a User Has Been Cloned
Q253868 Access Violation in sbTableGetDSName Causes Global Catalog to Crash
Q253644 Inbound Replication to Global Catalog Servers Does Not Work Because of a Database Error
Q253512 Cannot Turn Off “User Cannot Change the Password” Option After Windows 2000 Upgrade
Q252314 Active Directory Integrated Reverse Zones Do Not Load on DNS Servers
Q251057 You Can Add Invalid Replication Interval and Cost Values for Site Link Properties
Q250868 LDAP USERCERTIFICATE Command Does Not Support the Binary Attribute

Internet Information Services and COM+ [ Top ]
Q266174 Searches on a Remote Windows 2000 Professional-Based Computer May Take Longer
Q262666 Indexing Service Cannot Index or Search Based on Document Summary Information
Q262385 XADM: Access Violation in Ole32.dll When Exchange 2000 Is Under Heavy Load
Q261118 Cannot Change Remote Server Name in COM+ Explorer for a Program Proxy
Q261116 ASP Incorrectly Decodes the QUERY_STRING and May Reveal the Metabase Path Information
Q260943 Slow Performance Accessing Files May Slow Office Programs
Q260933 IIS Convlog Stops Processing IIS Log File If the URL Ends with a Comma
Q260931 Scoped Queries on NTFS Volumes May Not Return Hits for 8 Minutes After Boot
Q260838 IIS Stops Servicing HTR Requests
Q260353 FIX: Use of Java/COM Components in COM+ Enabled Systems Can Cause Delays
Q260305 COMTI Explicit Security Callback Feature Does Not Work on Windows 2000
Q260253 PC NTMMTA: Windows NT Multitasking Message Transfer Agent Setup on Windows 2000 Advanced Server May Not Work If Started from Graphical User Interface
Q260205 HTTP Request with a Large Number of Dots or Dot-Slashes Causes High CPU Utilization
Q258189 IIS Log Contains Wrong Data When ISAPI Uses Default for File Size
Q258075 Indexes Larger Than Four Gigabytes May Become Corrupted
Q257880 COM+ Does Not Run IComponentRegistrar::UnregisterComponent()
Q257619 Access Violation Occurs When the Path in the Directive Is More than 260 Characters
Q257332 Access Violation in W3svc.dll on Secure Connection to Nonexistant IP:PORT
Q256093 IIS May Generate Access Violation for Certain HTTP Requests
Q255735 FIX: Calls Between Configured Components Built with Visual Basic Causes Loss of Extended Error Information
Q255733 FIX: Calling IUnknown Across Computer Boundaries Causes Loss of Extended Error Information
Q255483 Word Document with Table Not Word-Broken Correctly
Q255054 COM+ Does Not Reach SetMaxThreads for the Package
Q254194 FIX: Access Violation While Running TPC-C Benchmarks on Microsoft Windows 2000
Q254142 100% CPU Usage Occurs When You Send a Large Escape Sequence
Q253222 FIX: Access Violation in Mtxdm.dll During Application Shutdown on Win2000 Platforms
Q252934 Passing Objects in Reference Leaks Visual Basic Object Reference in COM+
Q252463 Index Server Error Message Reveals Physical Location of Web Folders
Q252313 Index Server Query Timeout Does Not Function
Q251170 Malformed Argument in Hit-Highlighting Allows Access to Server
Q251002 Loading Invalid Image Using OLE Automation Displays Assertion
Q250397 Content is Lost at SF_NOTIFY_AUTH_COMPLETE
Q249599 Virtual Directory Mapped to UNC Returns Server-Side Script Code When URL Contains Additional Characters at the End of the Request
Q246806 Access Denied for the Default Document File Mapped to Ssinc.dll
Q244998 Port Number Is Not Returned with Content Location when Specified by URL
Q197401 Convlog Tool Stops Processing NCSA Files When Reaching Short Host Name

Mail [ Top ]
Q262685 XADM: SMTP Causes Messages to Loop When You Move a Mailbox
Q262327 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Service Stops Unexpectedly
Q257217 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Service Stops Unexpectedly or Does Not Relay Correctly
Q253611 Rebuild of Corrupted NNTP Hash Table Does Not Work
Q253607 Windows 2000 NNTP Service Works Incorrectly with Exchange Server 2000 (RC1)
Q253606 Memory and Critical Section Leak in CExpire::GetExpireBlockProperties
Q253284 Large Number of Alias Domains Causes 550 Error for Valid Domains
Q257358 Cdosys.dll May Cause an Access Violation When the Mail Header Contains DBCS Characters

Management/Administration [ Top ]
Q264344 Performance Monitor Counters Are Not Displayed Correctly
Q260938 Counters in System Monitor May Be Displayed Incorrectly If a Secondary Language Is Used
Q260936 SMTP Consumer May Not Send Critical Notification E-mail Messages
Q260921 Performance Counters Are Incorrectly Displayed in System Monitor with Windows 2000 Multilanguage Version

MDAC/Data Access [ Top ]
Q267307 INFO: MDAC 2.5 Service Pack 1 Is Included With Windows 2000 Service Pack 1
Q257953 FIX: “Rowset Cannot Be Loaded Because the Stream Is Invalid” Error Occurs When You Marshal an Array of Recordsets
Q254795 XADM: Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000 Stop Responding While Sending or Posting by Using Port
Q254669 ODBC Connection Leak with DAO 3.6
Q249221 FIX: XML Parser Error if Datetime Datatype in Nanoseconds
Q249175 BUG: Storing an ADO Recordset in GIT May Cause Access Violation
Q247488 ACC2000: Column Properties in Query May Disappear After You Run DAO Code or a Wizard

MSMQ [ Top ]
Q254295 FIX: Problems Encountered by the MSMQ Migration Tool
Q254294 FIX: MSMQ Logger Error Processing Causes Log Data Loss at Hardware Failures
Q254293 FIX: MSMQ Counters Cause Access Violation in Wbemtest
Q254292 FIX: MSMQ Client Always Broadcasts To Find a Server at Initialization
Q254290 FIX: MSMQ Transaction Commit May Stop Responding Under Stress
Q254289 FIX: MSMQ The “Allow Inheritance” Check Box Cannot Be Cleared
Q254287 BUG: When Microsoft Message Queuing Is Configured for Workgroup on a Windows 2000 Cluster, the Resource Fails to Come Online
Q254286 FIX: MSMQ Duplicate Recoverable Messages May Be Delivered
Q254284 FIX: MSMQ Uninstall May Not Remove All MSMQ Objects from the Active Directory
Q254283 FIX: MSMQ Transactional Messages May Be Lost
Q254218 FIX: MSMQ Performance Degrades as ADO Recordset Size Increases

Networking [ Top ]
Q268267 Dlc.sys Driver Returns Wrong Values After SAP Limit Is Reached
Q265830 Dial-Up Networking Idle Disconnect Setting Overrides Connection Manager Idle Disconnect Setting
Q263316 Infinite Error Message Loop Causes Blocking of Join\Leave Calls
Q262497 Network Connection Lost After Resuming from Hibernate
Q262423 File Transfer Protocol Client Receives Access Violation Error Message When It Sends ACCT Parameter to Server
Q262376 Computer Name Does Not Match the Windows 2000 Domain Name After Upgrade
Q261957 Network Load Balancing Temporarily Fails in a Switched Environment
Q261218 Windows 2000 TCP Does Not Pass Web Polygraph “msl_test” Test
Q261125 WINS Service Stops or Does Not Start and Event ID 4319 or 4165 Is Logged
Q260934 IIS Answers PASV Commands with Port Numbers in Sequential Order
Q260929 Cannot Enable Local Area Connection After Placing Computer in Hibernate Mode
Q260926 Routing and Remote Access Wizard for VPN Server Creates Non-Specific Input and Output Filters
Q260917 Add/Remove with Hungarian Input Locale Displays File Services for Macintosh Wrong
Q260915 Unbinding IPX from One Adapter Disables NetBIOS-IPX Binding for All Adapters
Q260888 Dial on Demand Routers Connect Intermittently When You Use Auto Configuration Addresses
Q260549 Using Asterisk for Preferred Server in NetWare Client Configuration Causes Dr. Watson Error Message in Services.exe
Q259728 Windows Hangs with Fragmented IP Datagrams
Q259593 WINS Resource Does Not Come Online After Cluster Failover
Q259591 Event Viewer Reports That IP Security Is Receiving Unencrypted Traffic
Q259148 Random “Access Violation” Error Messages in EnumProtocolsW() Under Stress
Q258764 Correct Password Not Set on Services for NetWare Version 5
Q258762 Assigning Specific Network Address on the NWcompatible Tab Causes Snap-in to Quit
Q257991 FTP Service May Not Time Out Inactive Sessions
Q257986 Logon May Not Succeed After Rejoining a Windows 2000 Domain Using Netdom and an Explicit Organizational Unit
Q257949 Connectivity to IPSec Clients May Be Lost When You Enable Packet Filters on Server
Q257870 Malformed Print Request May Stop Windows 2000 TCP/IP Printing Service
Q257365 Cannot Access Files Copied over an Infrared Port
Q257355 LANDesk Client Program Cannot Detect 3Com EtherLink 90X Network Adapter
Q257309 XADM: Message Tracking for Two Exchange 2000 Server Virtual Machines on a Cluster Are Written to the Same Log
Q257304 Cannot Use NetMeeting to Participate in Microsoft Exchange Conferencing Online Meeting
Q257298 BUG: WNetUseConnection Returns ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED on Windows 2000
Q257277 How to Enable WakeOnLAN Only for “Magic” Packet Pattern
Q255724 Performance Problems on Proxy Servers with over 5,000 Simultaneous Connections
Q255593 Packets May Be Dropped When A Very Large Number of Fragmented UDP Packets Are in Use
Q255569 Access Violation When Running the Network Identification Wizard
Q255494 Event 34001 Does Not Contain a Description String
Q255014 Performance Enhancements for Network Load Balancing
Q254728 IPSec Does Not Secure Kerberos Traffic Between Domain Controllers
Q254495 Error Message: Assertion Failure Datagram: Connection Mutex Problem
Q254387 WINS Export List Leaks Memory at 1 MB per Minute
Q254245 Demand Dial Filters Do Not Work When Network Address Translation Is Installed
Q254136 Only One Service Receives Traps If Multiple Services Issue SnmpMgrTrapListen()
Q253302 SNMP Traps Not Properly Received by Windows 2000
Q252818 DNS Name Resolution May Not Work for the FTP GUID
Q252676 MprAdminUserGetInfo() and MprAdminUserSetInfo() Return Error If User Name Contains Slash Character
Q252522 Cannot Transfer File Using IR to Computer Using “Roaming Desktop”
Q250502 Cannot Access Novell UNC Share When You Run a Program as a Service
Q246173 FTP Server Does Not Allow FTP Server-to-Server Connection
Q244539 Host Route Can Be Deleted if ICMP Fragmentation Is Needed

Other [ Top ]
Q266072 FIX: Unintialized Memory Bug in Authoring Code
Q266071 FIX: JScript Garbage Collector Is in Inconsistent State When Many Cross-Thread Calls Are Made
Q265889 INFO: Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Fix List for Microsoft VM
Q264346 Active Scripting Is Enabled By Default for Restricted Zones
Q262551 Windows 2000 Displays Diacritic Characters Incorrectly
Q262081 Farsi Characters Are Sorted Incorrectly
Q260951 Extended Characters Not Displayed Correctly in Query Session in Terminal Services
Q260942 Incorrect Short Date Format in Control Panel with Czech Regional Options Selected
Q260922 Windows 2000 Hungarian Displays Incorrect Default Time Zone
Q260360 FIX: Virtual Machine May Cause a Deadlock
Q258067 Users Unable to Log On Locally to Terminal Services Computer
Q257998 FIX: Using JDBC-ODBC Bridge Causes an Access Violation in Multithreaded Applications Under Stress
Q256854 Terminal Services OEM License Server Activation Does Not Validate PIN or Recognize License Server ID
Q256843 Access Violation May Occur in Termsrv.exe When You Are Using Time-Outs
Q256310 Disabled Volume Icon Reappears After Resuming Your Computer
Q255871 Cannot Open .evt Files Included in a Winrep .cab File
Q253562 FIX: Untrusted Code Can Access Files on End-User Systems
Q253147 System Monitor Problems When You Are Working with Large Log Files
Q252667 OEM Preinstallation with a Driver-Based Modem Uses Incorrect Path to the Modem.sys File

Printing [ Top ]
Q247574 Roaming Profiles and Internet Printing Are Incompatible Because Profiles Are Not Saved
Q260948 Tcpmon Deadlocks in Windows 2000 If SNMP Printers Do Not Respond
Q258069 “Stop 0xC2 BAD_POOL_CALLER” Error Message on Print Server
Q258061 Access Violation in Windows 2000 Print Spooler
Q257555 Windows 2000 Clients Generate Excessive Named Pipe Handles on Print Servers Under Certain Conditions
Q255824 Adobe FrameMaker Windows 2000 Update Causes “Digital Signature Unfound” Error Message
Q255496 Cannot Add Printer on Earlier Server if Windows 2000 Domain Name and NetBIOS Domain Names Are Different
Q252891 Adobe FrameMaker Cannot Save File as PDF or Print Separations
Q247408 Error Message or Spooler Hangs When You Pause or Resume Print Job
Q244938 Cannot Install Language Monitor-Based Printer Driver as a Power User

Security [ Top ]
Q264345 False URL Can Steal or Set Cookies for Different Domain
Q262490 Error Message: Memory Could Not Be Read.
Q260946 Component Catalog Stores Application Password in Clear and Readable Format
Q260927 Windows 2000 with Blank Administrator Password Vulnerable During Setup
Q260889 Nltest Tool Does Not Work When You Reset the Secure Channel Using NetBIOS Computer Name
Q260266 Netscape Users Cannot Access Web Pages with 128-Bit Certificate Authentication
Q260219 High Encryption Pack Does Not Protect Windows 2000 Private Keys
Q259166 UNC Path Can Be Used to Start Programs by Using .chm Files
Q258817 Memory Leak in Lsass.exe in Windows 2000
Q258068 Windows 2000 PDC Emulator’s CPU Spikes When Large Number of KRB_AS_REQs Are Sent from the BDC
Q258057 Replicated Object May Not Be Recognized by Domain Controller
Q257873 Error Message: The Name on the Security Certificate Does Not Match the Name of the Site
Q255295 Unnecessary LSA Replication Traffic Is Sent to Windows NT 4.0 and 3.5x Domain Controllers in a Mixed Domain
Q254902 Invalid SSL Certificates May Be Bypassed in Internet Explorer
Q253540 Encryption Pack Installation May Not Work If User GUID Is Too Long
Q253532 Kerberos Change Password Does Not Work When Account Password Expires
Q253531 Kerberos Interoperability–New Realms are Not Propagated Properly
Q252470 Mixed Mode Active Directory Users Denied Access to Exchange 2000 Public Folder
Q252325 Running Out of Memory Can Cause Loss of Cryptographic Keys (Machine GUID)
Q249863 SGC Connections May Fail from Domestic Clients
Q248257 Program Installation Problems on Sysprep or Riprep Installed Systems
Q230449 Service Control Handler May Not Receive SERVICE_CONTROL_SHUTDOWN Notification
Q152923 XCLN: Can’t Change Expired Password From MAC Exchange Client

Setup [ Top ]
Q267565 Text-Mode Setup May Not Identify Some SCSI Adapters as Plug and Play Devices
Q260928 Russian Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Upgrade Problems If IIS 2.0 or 3.0 Is Installed
Q257910 Setup Does Not Copy Three Files with Hungarian Locale During English Advanced Server Installation
Q257300 Uninstalling and Reinstalling Signed Third-Party Driver Generates “Unsigned Driver” Message
Q254769 Hard Disk Is Misreported as Eight Gigabytes in Size During Setup
Q253872 Windows 2000 Cannot Upgrade over BackOffice 4.5
Q252769 Cannot Edit FrontPage and Visual InterDev Files After Windows 2000 Upgrade

Shell [ Top ]
Q266320 Error Message When You Use Windows Explorer to Search for Files or Folders
Q265829 Add\Remove Programs Tool May Not Work After Installing Internet Explorer 5.5 on Windows 2000
Q262826 Creating a File by Using a Common Dialog Box Can Overwrite Another Recent File
Q252633 Word or Excel File May Become Damaged When You Save the File Using HTML Format

Stress [ Top ]
Q266420 Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Fixes for Stress-Induced Issues

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