Windows 2000 – Applying a New Hotfix May Undo a Previously Applied Hotfix

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Applying a New Hotfix May Undo a Previously Applied Hotfix

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Microsoft has learned (and users too) that in concatenating or chaining together service packs and hot fixes, you can undo some of the security fixes that the hot fixes were supposed to fix in the first place. Microsoft has released a tool and patch that allows customers to diagnose and eliminate the effects of anomalies in the packaging of hot fixes for English language versions of Microsoft® Windows 2000. Under certain circumstances, these anomalies could cause the removal of some hot fixes, which could include some security patches, from a Windows 2000 system.

Windows 2000 Security Update: Tool Available to Detect Hot fix Packaging Anomalies

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System Requirements Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Download Now From Microsoft

Q282784_W2K_SP3_x86_en.EXE – 113 Kb

*If the above download from Microsoft is unavailable, please send us an E-mail  and let us know.

Download Instructions You can select “Run this Program from its Current Location” to start the install immediately. OR

You can select “Save this Program to Disk” to copy the download to your machine for installation at a later time.

You can then run Qfecheck.exe at the command line.

QFECHECK [/l[:location] /v /q /?]

/l Log output to machinename.log in current directory
location Use specified location to store the log file
/v Verbose output
/q Quiet mode
/? This help

Running the report generates results such as the following:

Windows 2000 Hotfix Validation Report for \\TESTSYSTEM Report Date: 3/21/2001 1:39am Current Service Pack Level: Service Pack 1 Hotfixes Identified: Q259524: Current on system.

Q282784: Current on system.

You can learn more about Qfecheck.exe by clicking here: The Microsoft Qfecheck Tool

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