Mark Balthazor's Scansys

ScanSys v1.1.116

Use ScanSys to keep tabs on system file changes brought on by software installations. It doesn’t offer any safeguards or backups, but it can help you to track system file problems back to their source. You can select the file types and folders you want to monitor, but sticking with the program defaults should get the job done. After completing the initial scan to record information regarding system files, ScanSys logs any and all changes made during subsequent scans. Select Install from the ScanSys toolbar, and you’ll be prompted to browse for the setup program you want to run. After the install is complete, ScanSys performs another scan, then logs the differences. You can easily retrieve the version number, install date and time, and complete path to any file in the ScanSys list.


Download – Alternate Server

This neat little program was developed by Mark Balthazor. If you like the program, let Mark know by visiting his Website. Just follow this link!

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