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Microsoft’s Frequently Asked Questions on the MMC.

Microsoft Management Console: An Introduction
Overview of Windows NT 4.0 MMC. Source: Windows NT Magazine (Feb 1997)

Overview of the Microsoft Management Console
The MMC is a central interface where most administration is done in Windows 2000. This downloadable whitepaper in Word format provides an quick overview for Administrators, and is a good place to start if you are new to Windows NT and Windows 2000. Source: Microsoft TechNet CD Online

Delegation of Administration Using Microsoft Management Console
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q201341. Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is a general-purpose management display framework for hosting administration tools built as MMC snap-ins by Microsoft and other companies. (updated 12/29/99)

Getting the Most out of the Microsoft Management Console
The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is a Windows 2000 (Win2K) component you can use to manage hardware, software, and various network components. However, the MMC isn’t limited to Win2K; you can also run an MMC on Windows NT and Windows 9x. Creating a Master Console You can create your own custom MMC, including any number of custom consoles with as many snap-ins as you want. Source: Windows NT Magazine (Oct 1999)

How to Create Custom MMC Snap-in Tools Using Microsoft Management Console
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q230263. Describes how to use Microsoft Management Console (Mmc.exe) to create special tools to delegate specific administrative tasks to users or groups, that can be sent by e-mail, shared in a network folder, or posted on the Web. They can also be assigned to users, groups, or computers with system policy settings.

Introduction to Windows Management Services
White paper describes Microsoft Windows Management Services, which act as the management infrastructure for Windows 2000. You can layer any number of management tools on top of these services to develop complete, custom management solutions for each management discipline. Source: Microsoft TechNet CD Online

Management Services
Windows 2000 Server includes the management tools needed to maintain and control networked servers and desktops. Source: Microsoft TechNet CD Online

Microsoft Management Console
Use MMC’s custom tools capability to share management functions on an NT 5.0 network. Source: Windows NT Magazine (June 1998)

Windows 2000 Microsoft Management Console and Snap-in Restrictions
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q271135 – This article discusses the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and snap-in restrictions for a Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer. (updated 10/24/2000)

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