Installing Microsoft ICS

Installing Microsoft’s Windows® 98 SE
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Components

First, Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is part of Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows 2000. It is a feature that cannot be merely added to an existing version of Windows 98, you must upgrade to Windows 98 SE. If you have either version of Windows NT, you will need to upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional.

Before you begin the process of installing ICS:

  • You will need to make sure that your network is installed and setup correctly.

  • If any of your client computers are set to Obtain an IP address automatically from a DHCP server, you should shut down those computers, or disconnect the computer upon which you are installing ICS, before you actually begin the installation. This is to make sure that the IP information assigned by the DHCP server does not cause problems or conflict with the information assigned by the ICS DHCP server.

  • If you intend to share a cable modem or ASDL connection with ICS, you’ll need two Network Interface Cards (NICs) in the computer that you install ICS on. The ICS installer does not allow any alternative solutions, so don’t both looking.

  • If you have any other third party Internet Connection Sharing application, such as Sygate or Wingate installed, you must uninstall it before installing ICS. These programs, including ICS, take control of one or more of your network adapters and/or protocols. Having more than one program trying to control these adapters and protocols will lead to conflicts.

  • Make a mental note of the fact that Microsoft’s ATM adapter does not work with ICS, nor to hybrid services like DirecPC and one-way cable modems with telco modem returns.

Performing the Installation of ICS:

  1. If you are upgrading to Windows 98 Second Edition in order to install and use ICS, take a moment after the upgrade to make certain that your regular network functions exactly the same as it did before the upgrade. If it doesn’t make any necessary adjustments before starting the installation of ICS.

  2. After you have installed or upgraded to Windows 98SE, select Start, Settings, Control Panel, and then double-click Add/Remove Programs.

  3. Now Select the Windows Setup tab.

  4. Now double-click the Internet Tools icon, and insert a check-mark in the box for Internet Connection Sharing.

  5. Now click OK to close the Internet Tools window, and click OK again to close the Add/Remove Programs window.

  6. ICS will launch its setup wizard to guide you through the remainder of the process.

Next, you will be asked a series of questions:

The first selection you need to make in the Wizard is for the type of connection you will be using. Take your time and think about your connection type carefully.

  • If you will be using any form of dial-up connection that involves the use of a modem or ISDN over a telephone line whereby you are actually opening a connection, waiting for a dial tone and then dialing out, select the first choice, “Dial-up connection”.

  • If your connection is a high speed network connection and involves the use of an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network card and/or the use of an ADSL connection, eg; the connection is “always live and connected”, then select the second choice, “High Speed connection”.

  • If you are using a cable modem, you will be asked to select a Network adapter (NIC). Be sure you choose the adapter that is attached to your cable modem. If you don’t choose the correct NIC, ICS will not be installed correctly and you will have to uninstall and then reinstall ICS and try again.

  • Note: The good thing is that the ICS Wizard will number your NIC’s #1 and #2, however the bad thing is that ICS does not identify which number corresponds to the cable modem and which is connected to your LAN. Unfortunately you have to guess, and if you guess wrong, you get to go through the whole process again!

  • Next the Wizard will tell you to create a Client Configuration Disk. This is for use in setting up any other computers that will be using this particular computer to access the Internet.

  • The very next window is the completion window, which will request that you reboot your system.

Next, let review “How to Operate and Use ICS

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