5 Ways you Can Decorate a Room with Neon Lights

One of the easiest and coolest ways of decorating your room is using neon lights. If it is your first time hearing about using neon lights in the room then you might have to rethink. Have you ever visited a restaurant at night? Usually, roadside eateries, nightclubs, and some restaurants use them as signboards. So the name of their restaurant or club usually appears in neon lights.

But to further take this style for decor, you can now find different signs and boards of neon lights. Therefore, whether you need them for your bedroom, game room or your workplace, there are a variety of designs available. You can find plenty of such designs at

So if you are going to decorate your room, be sure to visit You will surely love the available designs. However, if you want to customize something, you get that option. So make them write something for your wall or prepare a cool cartoonish sign for your kid’s room.

And here are some of the ways that you can use.

1. Create something futuristic

If you are a gamer or you are decorating your gamer son’s room, you should definitely consider this idea. You can adjust lights vertically to give a futuristic look. Adjusting such lights with a gaming console and computer table creates an amazing sitting space.

Or you can search for some designs like a tunnel or retro style. All these are trendy and gives a completely new look to your room.

You can also customize neon lights from your favorite games, characters, and catchphrases. This will transform your room into a futuristic gaming utopia.


You can also set a separate space. If you have a gaming club, you can separate certain areas from the rest of the space. For example, there is a special gaming room, so you can give glass walls to it and put lights in the horizontal and vertical order at the edges. And put signboard around the corner too. So when the lights are off, it will appear in a completely different world. Thus, you can make your customers choose that. This is something that will help you out in making more profit.

2. Make your items stand out

If you want to highlight certain items, you can put lights around them. For example, you have a wall painting and you want to highlight it. The best way is to put lights around it but not on the front. Put them around the corners at the back of the painting. So when you turn on the lights, only the light will appear around the painting. This will make it more prominent.

Neon decor is one of the hottest trends for the last few years, and continues into 2024 – neon artwork, name signs, motivational messages all feature as the hottest neon product options for home neon decor, like those you can buy at

Neon lights are also available in tape form. So if you want to do something easier, you can get this tape. Another way of styling your room is to use this around your furniture. You can put some neon tape on the bottom of your dressing table or your bed. So when the lights of your room are dim or turned off, they will give a special effect to your room.


3. Wall signboards

Apart from using specific styling methods, you can simply put a signboard on the wall of your room. There are signboards with words written on them or designs made. For example, you can put a welcome sign on the front wall of your home. Or sleep sign on the back wall of your bedroom. So while you are going to sleep, you can turn it on.

This will put a creamy soft light from the back. Thus, you won’t be afraid of complete darkness and it will also appear good.

Likewise, there are cartoon characters and other designs for rooms. For example, if your children love Pokémon, you can get their favorite character and put it in their room. Likewise, if your kids are small, you can get clouds or ice cream shapes. All of such shapes are available in board form that gets nailed on the wall. So you don’t have to worry about kids making them fall.

4. Design your kitchen

If you love bar style, you can redecorate your kitchen to make it look like it. You do not have to settle for a bland kitchen and dining room if you don’t like such styles. It is better to choose bright and shocking light colors that will pop up. These colors go well with all paints.

Usually, people have grey and white kitchens. So if you opt for shocking colors, they will go well with both. If you have pinkish paint in your kitchen or dining room, you can use navy blue lights. Likewise, for darker room space, you can choose rose light or creamy white. This contrast will make your space lively.


5. Create separate space

You can make a special corner for yourself in the room. Or make your special place stand out in the whole place. For example, if you love making videos and you are a social media influencer, you might have a specific place where you shoot your videos. So you can style that area based upon your content. If you do cooking videos, you can put ice cream and written signs on the kitchen wall.

And if you shoot makeup videos, you definitely need perfect lightning. So instead of using just a ring light, you can put neon lights on your wall that will make your makeup stand out.

Likewise, if you have 2 kids sharing a room, you can separate their living space by using some lights. For example, put the “GIRLS” and “BOYS” signboard on their tables or on the wall of their bed.

Similarly, you can make your whole house stand out in society. If you are a person who loves attention. Or it takes more time for the delivery guys and Uber drivers to find out your home. The best way for you is to highlight your house. Don’t worry, you don’t have to put neon lights all around your house.

Simply, get the lights if your house number. You can easily get any number in board form. So put your house number and turn on the lights at night. Anyone can easily find you.

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