How to Choose a Mattress for Different Weight Couples

In order to live the kind of life we want and seek, one of the most important factors, if not the crucial one, is our health. Namely, there isn’t much we wouldn’t do for our overall well-being, yet we consciously still do certain things that can end up hurting us. Yes, smoking and not eating healthy are high on this list, as due to living such a fast-paced way of life, we often seek comfort in things like cigarettes and alcohol. Furthermore, fast food is a to-go option for many, at least for one meal a day, and this, in combination with other filthy habits, only hurts our health.

The importance of sleep

On the other hand, one aspect that most people overlook but are crucial to both our physical and mental health is a night of good quality sleep. Feeling tired and yawing are just some of the more mild consequences of not having enough sleep, and when sleeping for two to five hours a day becomes our routine well, we can start experiencing many other health problems. The most often excuse why someone doesn’t sleep that much is about not having enough time, which is something that should never happen. Furthermore, when we are well-rested, our overall productivity is much higher as our brain and body are fresh and ready for anything that might occur. Of course, a key to good quality sleep is something that not that many people think about, and yes, we are talking about picking a good mattress.

Is the mattress really so important?


You would be surprised how the quality of your sleep is affected by what type of mattress you have. Namely, what makes picking the ideal one so complicated is the fact that even going with the most popular and expensive one doesn’t necessarily mean how all your sleep problems will be solved, as the key to successful sleep is picking a mattress according to your weight. All of this gets even more important when you go shopping for a mattress for you and your significant other, as what you want from a mattress is comfort and support, and the only way to get both is to pick the one that suits you both. So, let’s go through some tips on how to do precisely that.

Size does matter

When two people sleep together in the same bed, it is absolutely logical that the mattress needs to be bigger than it should be in a situation when we speak about only one person. Unfortunately, many couples wear pink glasses when choosing their first bed together, so they are convinced that the smaller one will be perfect for them. It is common, or to be more precise, a rookie mistake that most of them see after some time when both of them wake up more tired than when they have laid down, and they usually realize that it is time for a new mattress.

Regarding that, checking the size and choosing the appropriate one is the first factor to consider if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep with a partner who is not of the same weight and height. This is where it all starts, as only when you pick the right size can we start talking about the material and type and level of the support the mattress provides, as otherwise, these other factors are not as important.

The advantage of the trial period


One of the best things, when we decide to buy a new mattress, is the option to use the trial period and make sure it is the best choice for our partner and us. Since buying it is not a cheap investment, it is important to make the right choice, and it is never possible without trying. Besides the money spent to buy it, an even bigger factor is what insomnia can do to us and our relationship, so it is better to make the right decision. Trial periods are enough to check whether the certain mattress is the best choice for both of you, and there is no reason not to use them. Some companies offer longer trial periods than others, so if you are not someone who can make a decision quickly, choose the company with the extended one.

Check if there is the motion isolation

Sleeping with someone bigger or smaller than you can cause the weird feeling of sleeping downhill if the mattress does not provide enough posture, and it can be pretty difficult to rest and wake up refreshed. Even more challenging can be to rest beside someone restless and who moves all night on a bed that cannot absorb the movement. Luckily, today we can find many mattresses on the market that can provide great movement isolation and guarantee us calm nights without waking up, no matter how often our partner turns during the night.

Check the edges


Although it might look unnecessary to check the mattress’s edges, it is actually more important than everybody thinks, especially if it should be a place for the couple to rest. At first glance, they should look firm enough to hold the mattress in one position and improve its posture and firmness. Firm edges will allow us to use the whole bed without feeling like we are going to fall off it and provide us a good night’s sleep without waking up in pain and sleeplessness. If the edges are not strong enough, the mattress can’t provide the necessary firmness and posture, and it will lose its shape after some time.


Hopefully, after reading all this, you will find picking the right mattress much easier and less time-consuming. Understandably, there are many other factors to consider and keep in mind, but these are definitely the most important ones, as you will get the best comfort and support possible. Furthermore, you can always seek help from some of the leading mattress brands, and for more info on that, make sure to check

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