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6 Easy Ways To Clean Your Home Floors

Your floors are one of the most important things you need to keep clean in your home. They’re a focal point for guests, can be a safety hazard if they’re not maintained well, and will affect the air quality in your home as well. Carpets collect dirt and debris from shoes and dust mites that live inside them – which is why it’s so important to use a vacuum cleaner regularly.

Here are six easy ways to clean your flooring:

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Sweep your floors to remove any large debris you see. This includes things like leaves and spider webs in the corners of rooms, dirt or sand trucked in from outside, etc. Things like ProLuxCleaning are also effective for removing small gravel and dust particles from the carpet or floor.

  • Use a wet mop

After you have swept your floors, use a damp cleaning cloth to remove any remaining sludge or debris that may be stuck in between tiles or cracks. You do not want this residue on your clean floors because it will only attract more dirt over time. For hardwood flooring, trying to keep your floors looking their best, it is important to use a proper cleaner for your type of floor.

For example, wood cleaners are formulated to remove build-up and residue that dull the finish on hardwood flooring.

  • Use dry mop

After removing the debris or dirt with a wet mop, use another clean cotton cloth to absorb excess moisture from floors so they won’t be slippery when walked upon. You do not want to leave the moisture on the floor because it will only attract more dirt over time and lead to mold growth in a humid environment in the bathrooms, where showers take place every day. This step will also leave your flooring feeling refreshed if the damp wiping process leaves behind an extra cleaning solution.

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  • Use a vacuum cleaner

One of the simplest ways to clean floors is with a vacuum cleaner. This can be done manually or by using an automatic electronic one. Again, it depends on your preference and what type of floor you have in each room. For example, if you have a carpeted floor, an automatic vacuum cleaner is not recommended.

  • Use a broom daily to remove the dust particle

Sweep or vacuum each room in your home at least once per day, and if possible, do the cleaning in the fungal-prone areas of your home like bathrooms, basements, kitchens, etc. Use a broom daily to remove the dust particles. Vacuuming is great because it picks up dirt and gets rid of pollen and other allergens, which can aggravate allergy symptoms.

  • Place A Welcome Mat At Your Doorstep

Kids and pets bring a lot of dirt with them when they come inside after playing. If you lay out a floor mat, it will act as a barrier against the outside dirt. But even the floor mats have to be cleaned to avoid a foul smell. Fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and spray it over the smelly surfaces. You can even use baking powder to get rid of the smell. If you want a nice fragrance, you can add essential oils with baking powder. Spray the powder on the smelly surface and vacuum after the smell is absorbed.

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Reasons To Clean Your Floors

You have learnt some easy tricks for cleaning. But you might still be postponing it. It can become difficult to find time to clean the floors of your home every day. However, to maintain hygiene inside your house, it is really essential to clean your house. Here are a few reasons why you should never avoid cleaning.

  • First Impressions

Cleanliness will ensure that visitors who come to your place develop a good first impression. Imagine the kind of impression your guests will have when they step inside your house, and your floors seem sticky and dirty. If you don’t clean your rooms, guests will also notice stains and blemishes on the floor. Dirty floors can damage the entire appearance of your house, no matter how expensive furniture you have at your place.

  • Organized And Decluttered House

While cleaning your house, you will have to pick up trash and other objects just lying around. If you have kids at home, you will often find toys lying here and there on the floor. They might also drop food everywhere and make your house dirty. When you pick up the trash and remove other objects lying on the floor, your house becomes more organized and decluttered.

Moreover, cleaning your floors also means that the carpets and floor mats will be cleaned. Carpets and floor mats can attract dirt, allergens and bacteria. If you don’t clean them, they will create a foul odor inside your house. Besides, dirty carpets or floor mats can also cause several respiratory issues like asthma.

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  • Your Floor Needs Care

Imagine the amount of time you have spent choosing the flooring of your house. You considered quite a few options and conducted in-depth research before settling with the flooring option you chose. It also took a lot of time to decide the color and texture of your flooring. Besides, you also had to spend a lot of money to install the flooring of your choice.

Damage to the flooring after a certain point is inevitable. But not cleaning daily increases the risk of damage. Therefore, it makes sense to take care of your floors and increase their longevity. Otherwise, you will have to spend a fortune to repair your flooring or replace them in case of severe damage.

The Bottom Line

Floors are important, but they can be scary when it comes time to clean them. Regular cleaning is a must if you want your home to be free from dust particles, germs, and other contaminants. You should avoid using chemicals to clean the floor and more water and effective cleaning products. You must also keep your carpet clean, as it is present at the entrance and can control more sand inside the house.

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