Intel Memory Translator Hub (MTH) ID Utility DOS Version

Intel® Memory Translator Hub (MTH) Reboot Issue
Intel® MTH ID Utility (DOS Version)

The Intel® MTH ID Utility has been designed to allow any user with an Intel processor based-system to test for the presence of a Memory Translator Hub (MTH) component on your system. This DOS version of the utility is intended to be used only by creating a bootable diskette.

Note: This utility will not run properly from a DOS command prompt. It must be run as a boot disk.

System Requirements
The Intel MTH ID Utility is designed to run on an Intel processor based-system in a non-Windows* environment.

Installation Instructions
In order to run this utility, you must first create a system boot diskette. If you need instructions for help in creating a system boot diskette, please see the following instructions on Creating a System Boot Diskette.

  1. Create a MS-DOS bootable diskette.
  2. Copy the downloaded file, mtd_id.exe to the diskette
  3. Boot the system using this diskette
  4. At the command prompt, type mth_id and run the program
  5. Read the software license agreement, displayed the first time only. Then select ‘y’ to accept the conditions of usage
  6. Select the language of your choice (0 through 4)

This data courtesy of the Intel Corporation, all rights reserved.

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