Customer Assistance

Customer Assistance

You have arrived at our customer assistance menu. This menu will enable you to choose the specific area in which you need our assistance so that your email message does not travel through several hands before being acted upon. Please do not hesitate to address any issue for which we can provide assistance.

New Order Assistance

This area is for any questions that you may have regarding an order that you have placed with us, regardless of whether it was for a complete computer system or just a small item. Although we normally meet the delivery date we specify to our customers, delays and lost shipments do occur. We are only too happy to respond to any inquiry you may have relating to your order.

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Lost or Damaged Items, including Defective Merchandise

This area is for you to alert us in the event that you learn that your order was lost, delivered incorrectly (or to the wrong address – yes it does happen), the shipping carton was damaged, the contents were damaged or you find that component is defective. Although we thoroughly test every hardware component before we ship, on occasion electronic components do go bad. When these things happen, we need you to alert us immediately. In the case of damaged shipping cartons and damaged components, do not throw any of the cartons or interior packing away! Retain everything until after a damage claim has been made and resolved by the carrier. If you throw away or destroy the carton or the packing, we will not be held responsible for any damage that occurred!

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Billing Issues

This area is for you to advise us of any concerns or problems you may have regarding a billing that you received from us. Although we are diligent in insuring that our invoices are correct, errors do occur.

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General Customer Assistance

This area is for generalized questions that are not covered by the topic areas above, such as where you might find updates or how to resolve a non-hardware related problem. Although we do not support software issues, as these are the responsibility of the respective software companies, we will make every effort to assist you with a problem you are having. In addition, if you have a suggestion for us or you feel that we could do something better than we already are, then please let us know. Last, but not least, if you want to let us know we have done something right, tell us that as well!

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