Thank You

  • Send you a confirming email to verify the type of computer you presently own, including make and model, if known.

  • We will then discuss with you the upgrade possibilities available to you based upon your existing case size, power supply and other components. Rest assured, we will not tell you that your computer can be upgraded when we know it cannot.

  • Next, we will help you during the decision process in order to determine the type of changes you would like to make and any alternatives that we see. If we feel that an upgrade is not cost effective, we will explain this to you in writing and provide you with alternative if you wish.

  • Next, we will ask you which software packages you currently use and what software packages you plan on using in the future. This will assist us in determining whether the upgrade is feasible based upon your software choices.

  • Lastly, we will furnish you with a firm price for pickup, upgrade and delivery via Federal Express.

 We will be in touch with you shortly!

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