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Redondo Beach is a coastal city in Los Angeles County, California, United States, located in the South Bay region of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Renting a place is cheaper than purchasing a home, not to mention more convenient. It’s easier to move to redondo beach apartments for rent now when you want or change addresses when you need You can also do what many of us do and find a roommate or two. The landlord doesn’t care if you paint your living room wall pink, wear your socks with sandals both indoors and out, or have pet birds in the kitchen. The buildings at Redondo Beach Apartments are spacious and well-maintained with quality service, amenities, and features.

They provide all the essentials and then some for people who live at their apartments. Among the perks: an outdoor pool and lounge area, on-site laundry facilities including washers and dryers in every unit, walk-in closets and large bedrooms, an on-site convenience store with meats, vegetables, and snacks. They also provide a package receiving service for your convenience. Maintenance is prompt and reliable and the property manager is one of the kindest people you’d ever want to meet.

Benefits of Redondo Beach Apartments:


Redondo Beach Apartments has been open for more than ten years now and no wonder some tenants have lived here longer than that. It’s a great place to live if you’re looking for a nice place to rent.

The rent increases are being driven by a growing population that is pursuing more expensive housing along with low supply.

“Renters have to keep moving further and further south toward Torrance and even as far as Carson for more affordable rates”.

I wanted to try and breakdown what could be some of the reasons why rents are increasing so dramatically, especially for those looking to rent an apartment or home within city limits.

First though, I wanted to give you a quick example of what renting an apartment looked like for myself and my girlfriend just four years ago.  Apartment hunting was exhausting. We finally found the perfect spot, steps away from where we worked at the time in central Torrance. Paid $850/month for our one bedroom.  The bedroom was decent in size, I believe around 9×12?, although it felt smaller considering it had no windows. It does come with a closet though!

Pricing of Redondo Beach Apartments:


Now this one is probably the cheapest you’ll find to rent an apartment that’s actually livable, let alone walkable to where you work.  The $1,000 mark is the absolute ceiling in most cases when it comes to finding a decent one bedroom apartment that’s near the water. Rents themselves average around $1600-1800 for a one bedroom and could even go higher than $2,000 if you’re lucky enough. If you’re looking for more options to rent an apartment in Redondo Beach, you can check out and rent an apartment at Rentberry, a platform that offers a wide range of rental properties in the Redondo Beach area.

From my own personal experience, I think the primary reason for this increase is due to the fact that first time home buyers are finally starting to put their money towards purchasing a home instead of renting. Added pressure also could come from baby boomers downsizing and putting more homes on the market. If you do not already own a home, you will face intense competition when looking for an apartment. These factors could be pushing competing renters out of the market, which in turn raises rental prices. Not to mention tight credit conditions making it difficult for new entrants into the workforce looking for employment that pay high enough wages to afford renting an apartment or purchasing a home. Higher real estate taxes also can put pressure on tenants, who may feel the tax hike was not adequately reflected in their rent increase.

Professional Environment:


Environmentally, these rents can’t keep up with demand considering the fact that most people are looking to live in an urban environment. The thought process is that it’s better to pay a little more and enjoy living within walking distance from amenities such as restaurants, grocery stores, etc…

The only way to be able to afford a nicer apartment is if you have roommates. My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to find a roommate within a week of finding our current abode almost four years ago, so we didn’t miss a beat when it comes to affording our own place.

If any one of those three factors do not exist, expect to pay a pretty penny for an apartment, especially if you’re looking in the Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach area. In all other cases expect to be surrounded by tourists renting short term housing that was not previously occupied.

For those looking to rent an apartment or home within city limits — it’s getting increasingly difficult at best and impossible at worst. There is very little availability and what does exist is often well above the $1,000 mark. Although there may be a glimmer of hope to find an open unit if you’re flexible about location and/or allow pets at your residence. Rents for homes are also increasing but not as fast as apartments.

Services at Redondo Beach Apartments:


Redondo Beach is a coastal city in Los Angeles County, California. Redondo Beach is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, and it shares a border with Torrance and Hermosa beaches. The city has an area of about two square miles and a population of just over 38,000 according to the 2010 census. The 2010 census also revealed that there were 24,563 housing units in Redondo Beach.

The city has a large beach area. According to a Californian newspaper, Redondo Beach residents spend an average of over sixty minutes at the beach per day. They also stated that there were more than five miles of biking trails that spanned across the Redondo Pier and Shoreline Park; they also mentioned that “Surfers can find great waves along the coast, and anglers can fish for halibut, corbina or perch”. The newspaper also said that visitors would enjoy surfing lessons or renting a stand-up paddle board.

The east side of the apartment is the best place to live because there are more activities that are happening on this side. There are coffee shops, restaurants, and galleries for people to visit near the apartments. The west side is not as lively. There are not many places to go on this side of the apartment.

It’s still possible to find nice apartments on the west side of the ocean, it’s just harder because there isn’t much going on in this area.

Some people live on the east side of the apartment because a lot of their family and friends live here. They want to be close enough for these loved ones to visit, but they can also afford a nice place on the west side if they really wanted. It’s all about personal preference when choosing an apartment.

One of the best things about most large cities is the wide range of food and drink options available. From classic foods and places with decades-long histories to new eateries and flashy bars, most large metropolitan areas have a plethora of choices for everyone in your party when it comes time to eat lunch or dinner.

One such restaurant that fits this description is the Redondo Beach Apartments. Located in Redondo Beach, California, the Redondo Beach Apartments specializes in upscale and traditional American dishes and seafood. One of their most popular features is their Friday night lobster fest, where they offer a wide variety of steamed and grilled lobster dishes prepared by their talented chefs.

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