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10 Must-Have Accessories Every Pool Owner Needs

Nice weather is coming, which makes a lot of people happy. The sun is slowly forcing us to get out of our homes, to return to running, cycling, walking, and other physical activities. What makes the younger ones especially happy is the arrival of summer and going swimming. However, given the current situation, ie the coronavirus pandemic, which has been declared in almost all countries of the world, the question arises whether we will be able to travel at all and enjoy the holidays undisturbed. Therefore, more and more people decide to buy a swimming pool, whether it is inflatable or building a swimming pool in the yard.

Pool building permit

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If you just want to build a pool, ask if you need a building permit for it. It depends on the state and municipality in which you live, but also on the dimensions of the pool itself.

Water filter

In order for the water in the pool to be clean, the pool must have a purification filter. In addition to purifying the water, it also prevents the formation of algae. It is a process based on the circular movement of water in a closed system using a pump and a number of filtration devices. What you need to know is that there are several types of filters, about which it is best to consult an expert.

The criteria for selecting a filtering system are:

  • filtration rate: determined by the volume of your pool. Filtration speed = volume of water in the pool
  • filter type: must correspond to the power of the pump,
  • electricity consumption: the use of economical pumps is recommended.

Filter maintenance

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Since the task of filters is to collect dirt and keep the water clean, the logical conclusion follows – you need to clean the filters regularly. The sand filter is cleaned once a year, and the quartz sand it is filled with can be used for several seasons in a row. At the end of the swimming season, it is also important to take care of the storage method.

Chemical disinfection of water

The most well-known chemical way of disinfecting water is by using chlorine compounds. It is available in the form of tablets, granules, and liquid. Chlorine destroys bacteria and prevents their further multiplication if its concentration in water is optimal. If the water is cloudy, green, and has an odor, and there are colored deposits on the walls of the pool, the concentration of chlorine in the water is too low and should be increased. The most important thing when disinfecting with chlorine is to ensure that there is enough of it in the pool water to kill bacteria.

Pool cover

This is a very important item, especially on cold, rainy days. The pool cover will prevent water from getting dirty during storms and strong winds. People who have a modern water purification system very often leave the pool filled with water even over the winter, so with the first warm days, they can start swimming without some major preparation for it.

Water heater

No matter how warm it is outside, the water in the pool heats up slowly but also cools down quickly during the night. Since it is a large volume of water, a pool heater is something that is not necessary, but it is certainly desirable if you want to enjoy and swim without standing in a shallow part of the pool for 15 minutes until the body gets used to the cold water. If you have the above-mentioned pool cover in addition to the heaters, what prevents you from swimming even when the weather is a bit colder? Visit this website to find more about all the necessary equipment you are going to need for your swimming pool.

Pool bottom maintenance

The bottom of the pool is cleaned with a brush and vacuum cleaner, and the surface with a dirt-trap. It should also be noted that it is good to install a skimmer in prefabricated pools (as well as in professional pools), because in this way dirt from the water surface enters the filter directly and does not fall to the bottom, which is most difficult to clean because it is inaccessible. There are also robots on the market to clean the walls and bottom of the pool. They are great.


Ladders are an important element of the pool… In addition to being a way of access, ladders must meet three criteria: comfort (good seating), safety, and design.


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Lighting is not necessary, but it is definitely useful, especially if you are a fan of night swimming. In addition, the pool will look more beautiful and will be the perfect place for parties.

Instruments for continuous measurement of certain parameters

Temperature, pH value of water, and chlorine level are some of the parameters that need to be kept under control in order for water quality to be satisfactory. Therefore, instruments for their measurement are necessary.

How to recognize that the pool is not properly maintained?

You will be able to see the first sign of that yourself. Turbid water, algae on the edge of the pool, dirt on the bottom of the pool, mold on the joints. You will also easily feel the typical smell of chlorine or even the stench.

Final thoughts

These are some of the most important things and equipment you must have if you own or plan to build or buy a pool. Although it may seem at first that there is too much investment in equipment, be sure that irregular maintenance is far more difficult and expensive work because it will make you empty the pool several times during the season, which will significantly affect your water bill, but it will deny and swimming for a few days until the pool is full and the water is warm. And most important – healthy bathing water is one of the priorities in preventing water-borne diseases.

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