Managing Windows

Managing Windows ® 95, 98, ME and NT

(including the Registry)

Scattered throughout the Internet you will find numerous examples of changes and “tweaks” that you can make to the Microsoft Windows® Operating System and to the Windows® registry specifically to enhance its usability, make repairs, alter its functionality and increase security. Below we have provided you with what we feel are the most sought after changes along with a number of tweaks that we discovered while resolving other issues. At this point, the chart below represents less than 10% of what we intend to add, so please be patient while we adapt our in-house data to web format.

As with anything that involves changing or altering the registry, we caution you to always backup your registry before making any changes. This information is provided to you as a service, and changes to the registry should only be made by those completely familiar with doing so. Further, due to the fact that a combination of things such as your monitor, video card and browser can alter the way characters are displayed on your monitor’s screen, we urge you to exercise caution when reviewing these registry changes and note carefully the placement of characters, spaces, commas, slashes, backslashes and periods. Some of these registry changes apply to all versions of the Microsoft Windows® Operating System, while some apply only to Windows NT 4.0 SP4 and later. 

–Notice of Disclaimer–

We do not accept any responsibility of any type or manner for any damage to your computer, your Windows operating systems, programs or data stored therein as the result of your use of any of the following information. By visiting this section of our website and using this information you are acknowledging the fact that you could render your computer unusable.

Windows Setup Hardware & Performance
Windows 95/98/NT Setup Switches Increase Speed – Fast CPU Priority
  Improve IDE Bus Speed
  Increase or Change Modem Timeout
  Changing Modem Initialization Strings
Windows Millennium Edition US Robotics 56K Winmodem
Review our Windows ME Testing Changing the MaxMTU 
Installation Do’s and Don’ts Network Related Keys
Known Issues in Windows ME  
Can’t Connect or Stay Connected in AOL Companion Applications
  Change Exchange/Outlook Mailbox
Changes to the User Interface Send Msg without Opening Outlook
Changing the Tips of the Day Disable the OE Splash Screen
Add Apps to Right Click Menu Change OE caption on the Title Bar
Add Explore to All Folders Outlook Delayed Start
Automate your Screen Refresh Internet Explorer 5.x User Restrictions
Adding “Open With” to all files Internet Explorer Autocomplete Delay
Add/Remove Sound Events Printing a list of IE 5 Favorites
Change Default Folder Locations Change IE caption on the Title Bar
Adding Items to the Start Button IE – Increase the Connection Limit
Adding items to “Send To” Frequent Lockups in Word
Auto Clear the Documents Menu File not found in Word or Excel
Change the My Computer icon to a Taskbar Word 97/2000 Shortcut Keys
Managing Windows Explorer Excel 97/2000 Shortcut Keys
Add a Print Directory Option to Windows Explorer Companion movie does not play in Encarta, Picture It etc.
  Security Issues
Customization Disabling Drives in My Computer
Create your own Logon Banner Disable Password Caching
Change the System Tray time value Disable Change Password
Backup your Dial-up (DUN) Settings Disabling My Computer
Making Telnet’s Window Larger Disabling Start Menu Right-Click
DOS Window to a Drive or Folder Remove Items from Right Click Menu
Start Menu Multiple Columns for 98 Disabling Start/Shutdown
Customize Windows Explorer Disabling Run/Find on Start Menu
Creating a Default File Opener Disabling File and/or Print Sharing
Recycle Bin changes Disable/Hide Virtual Memory Button
Changing your Window’s icons Disable/Remove Open, Explore, Find
Turn Off (On) Windows Animation How to Configure RestrictRun
Open Explorer from My Computer Restricting The Classic (IE 4) Desktop
Removing the Shortcut Icon Arrows Removing Items from NEW Menu
Save/Don’t Save Settings at Exit Setting the Minimum Password Length
Exit Windows from a Batch File System File Protection
Causing Add\Delete programs to run as Windows starts Keeping out unwanted users
InstallShield – Quiet Installations Locking out those unwanted users
Add OEM Information To Sys Prop Password Protect a Folder
Remove OEM Info from Sys Prop Create your own Legal Notice Logon Banner
Prevent “Shortcut to” on Shortcuts Prevent Users From Changing IE’s Security Settings
IE’s Content Advisor Password Internet Explorer 5.x User Restrictions
Remove Log Off User Option  
  User Restrictions By Type
  Cumulative List of User Restrictions
  Policy Restrictions
  Security Restrictions NT 4 SP4 Only
Repairs and Maintenance Login Screen & Attributes
Backup/Restore Windows 95 Registry Printer Related Keys
Backup/Restore Windows 98 Registry Desktop & Performance Keys
Backup/Compress Windows 98 Reg Device and Service Related Registry Keys – Primarily NT
Using the Registry Checker Tool and Scanreg Network Related Keys
Change Registered Owner or User Device Manager Keys
Registering Windows 98 Driver Related Keys
Change Location of  Installation Files Remove Help from Start Menu
One fix for the Grayed Out Boxes Disable Ability to Change My Documents Path
Restoring Thumbnails to Explorer Internet Explorer 5.x User Restrictions
Restoring Thumbnails Reg Import  
Delete Reg Keys from Command Line Windows NT 4.0 Only
Repair the Recycle Bin Performance Related Keys NT
Windows 98 Unloads DLL’s by Default – May cause IPF’s Mouse Related Keys
Quick Launch Icons Missing or Disabled Desktop & Performance Keys
Clear old apps from Add/Remove in the Control Panel Network Related Keys
System File Protection Shutdown Related Keys for NT
Backup DUN Settings InstallShield – Quiet Installations
Disable Screensaver during Defrag Hard Disk Fast Enough?
Unattended Defrag with Scheduler  
Stack Fault Errors Useful MS-DOS Commands
Repairing Windows Defrag MS-DOS Help, Silent Format, Fdisk
Change COM Port Manually Library of MS-DOS Commands
Frequent Kernel32 Errors  
The Run and Startup Windows Registry Keys Explained Windows 2000 Only!
Internet Explorer Autocomplete Delay Make RegEdit begin at the Beginning
Outlook Delayed Start Adaptec Easy CD Creator Issues
Removing that Third Party Skin from Internet Explorer Remove Help from Start Menu
Problem Verifying DMI Pool Data More Windows 2000 Tips
Stack Overflow Problems The Windows 2000 Character Map
Identify Your Video Card Hide Network Neighborhood Icon
Tweak UI Helpful Tips
Tweak UI for Windows 95 Only Windows 98 Keyboard Shortcut Keys
Tweak UI for Windows 98 Only Backup Windows 95, 98, NT and Windows 2000 without problems
Tweak UI for Windows NT 4.0 Only  
Tweak UI (latest version) for Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000  
Problem with Tweak UI 2000 Released in March 2000  

Notice: Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® NT and Windows® 2000
are registered trademarks or trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

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