Will Smoking a Bong Without Water Get You Higher?

If you are already somewhat familiar with this topic, then you may have also heard of bong by expressions from slang – such as bubblers, bingers, etc. These are pipes used to smoke cannabis or some other aromatic oil like the ones you can smoke in hookahs. However, they all have one thing in common – they mix with water. And would you achieve the same high effect if you smoked bong without water?

Bong Smoking Has Been Known For Years


The use of glass devices we call bongs has been known to people for so many years. The name is thought to have originated in Thailand where the word bong means a hollow bamboo stick used by the natives to smoke weeds. However, today’s version of the bong is way more modern than the bamboo sticks. Either way, even today it all comes down to the same principle when we speak of usage. Although today many people claim that modern bongs are better insofar as they will not harm your lungs – this is not true. Precisely because of such things, many have wondered if the use of bong is possible without mixing with water – and if so, will it have the same high effect on us? We will try to clarify that.

Why Does Bong Need To Be Used With Water?

Bongs exist today in all kinds and varieties. Some of those are made as a simple version that contains only a bowl and a chamber – while others can be made in various shapes and colors with artificial parts and cast glass, etc. However, according to, they all have the same purpose, as they serve to cool down and purify the particles which are contained in the flammable substance, most often weed. If you’re lighting a dried weed in a chamber provided for it, it begins to burn, and then rises by passing through water that filters it from the burning substances – and cools it down, protecting your lungs as you inhale. This is also the most important role of using water in the bong while smoking.

Will Smoking Bong Without Water Make You Higher?


This is just one of the myths. Water doesn’t play any other role here other than it cools the smoke and protects your lungs from the negative fumes that are the products of combustion – and they can also be carcinogenic. Apart from the fact that users who are bothered by the smoke of burning weed will have a smoother and more receptive taste – the water will also purify the particles created by combustion. But you don’t have to worry about the effect since the water in no way lowers the THC level you want to inhale to get high. Also, it is completely untrue that you will have a stronger weed effect when smoking bong without water. You will only inhale the smoke and more other particles – which will make the weed taste seem different when you taste it. Claims that weed will make you higher smoking it from a water-free bong have no basis in reality, except that you can experience a placebo effect.

To What Extent Is Water Bong Less Dangerous For Lungs Compared To Regular Weed Smoking?

Not significantly, but still enough. If you’re into a smoother taste, bong will provide it to you – which is better in comparison with smoking weed wrapped in a piece of paper. As we have already mentioned, the water poured into the statue removes the dry heat and burning products. Users described this effect as cooler, more smooth, creamy – and not so sharp. However, this experience can be misleading. Although the calmer taste of smoke can make you feel better in your lungs, you are still smoking. Certainly, a small number of bad things can be filtered out. However, it is insufficient to change things much. Although so far the safety of bong has been quite low when we speak of health priorities – now that cannabis is starting to be legal in more countries, that could change.

Can Anyone Use Bong?


So while its use is extremely simple, we can’t say that the bong is tailored for everyone. Some users do not like to deal with the maintenance of the bong – while some are concerned about the contamination of the water inside it. Some users, on the other hand, like the sharp taste of weed – and the stinging in the mouth and throat that it causes. Overall, the inclinations are different and not worth discussing. However, the bong is still a good thing for those consumers who may have been or are oncology patients – so by smoking weed they want to get rid of the pain. Then it is better to use bong with water because the inhalation of other harmful combustion products is significantly reduced by the water that filters these particles.


Finally, we can come up with a conclusion when it comes to using a bong without adding water. Bongs can be used without water. However, if you are not used to pungent and strong smoke and a burning taste in the throat – then we would not recommend it. Today, attitudes towards the harmfulness of smoking weed have changed – and we also know that cannabis has many beneficial properties. However, during the combustion of dry cannabis, harmful products can appear – and that can endanger the health of the consumer. In this way, water plays a significant role – because it purifies smoke that is full of other harmful agents. On the other hand, it is an urban myth that by smoking bong without using water you will feel the stronger effect of cannabis. What you can feel in this case, are only the effects of other combustion products that have no psychogenic effect – while the amount of THC is not reduced by adding water nor is its effect weakened. Therefore, the use of a bong is something that almost every user will recommend, especially if you haven’t been using it or smoked pot before.

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