5 Reasons Why Your Roof Might Be Leaking Around the Chimney

The chimney is indeed an inherent function of every home along the fireplace because it allows smoke and gasses to be ejected thus clearing the air for respiration. Yet, it’s additionally a frequent cause of leakages!

Whenever you find water streaks on the roof around the chimney, it is critical that you fix the issue as soon as possible to avoid future damage. Roof leaking around chimney can be quite frustrating to handle and, here we discuss what can be the possible cause for such damage in order to quickly give precautionary action to prevent it.

Reasons for a Chimney Roof Leak That You Cannot Ignore


Roof leak around the chimney is often a typical concern that, if not handled appropriately, may cause substantial damage. The following are the five possible causes of roof leakage that occurs around the chimney:

1. Impairment of flashing

The vinyl or metal covering— that seals the region in which the chimney reaches the roof is known as flashing.

The flashing can rust, crack, or become loose throughout the period, which enables water to flow inside and create a roof leak. Note that this problem may be avoided by examining and maintaining the chimney crown.

2. Chimney’s crown getting fractured


The cement slab at the peak of a chimney is known as the chimney’s crown. And water might creep through and cause leaks if it is fractured. As usual, a thorough checkup is a must!

3. Broken chimney cap

The chimney cap is often an outer covering that is installed at the top of a chimney. Rainwater may infiltrate the chimney and create leaks when it is broken or misplaced.

Repairing or replacing a chimney cap allows to minimize water from getting through, in this manner, it is a straightforward remedy for fixing such issues!

4. Condensation build-up


If somehow the chimney is not correctly insulated, condensation can accumulate within the chimney — This may result in water damage and leaks! This problem may be avoided by putting insulation properly around the chimney.

5. Installation flaws

A faulty chimney can potentially be a generator of leaks. Water damage and leakage might occur if somehow the flashing or any other fireplace components are not configured properly.

In this instance, a qualified roofer should be engaged to assess and repair the roof to ensure quality and guaranteed protection.

Bottom line

Ultimately, a chimney roof leak can be due to an array of issues such as defective flashing, fractured chimney crown, defective chimney cap, condensation build-up, and improper installation. To prevent major water damage and other problems — householders must be mindful of such possible factors and make prompt action to check, maintain, and repair the chimneys.

With this basic initiative, and following tips to prevent roof leaking around chimneys anyone can greatly save a big repair expenditure in the future. You are guaranteed to have stress-free living and the comfort which a home can only give if you take care of roof leaking — as the adage goes ‘’there’s no place like home”.

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