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Kylie Jenner is now a phenomenon in the business world. The girl turned into a vivid illustration of how to extract a million income from idle curiosity about her own person.

At the same time, the owner of the brand is a reality star and a happy mother.

Childhood and youth

Kylie Jenner was born on August 10, 1997. Her father was William Bruce Jenner, who in his youth was a world-famous decathlete. In 1976, at the Montreal Olympics, Bruce won the gold medal and set a world record that lasted until the next Olympic Games. However, Bruce Jenner is best known not for this, but for being the most popular transgender on the planet.

In 2015, Kylie Jenner’s father, who at that time was 65 years old, decided to come out and stop hiding his own essence. He took the name Kaitlin Jenner and admitted that from a young age he felt like a woman in a man’s body and even used hormone replacement therapy. In the 80s, Bruce stopped taking pills, as he met his future wife and mother, Kylie, businesswoman Chris Kardashian, an Irish national.

In 2017, the head of the family completed the transformation from man to woman. Bruce-Caitlin went through a series of surgical procedures because she wanted to “have all the parts of the body.” The new Jenner has written a book about this biography page. Kylie understood her father’s act, saying that she was proud of such a brave person.

Chris has a more traditional outlook on life. She actively attends numerous social events, and also acts as a director and producer of various television projects. The ex-wife of Bruce (the couple divorced in 2015) also found words of support in his address – she wrote on social networks that she considers her hero.

In the Jenner family, Kylie became the second daughter – the girl has an older sister, Kendall , who was born in 1995. But the list of relatives of the young model does not end there, since Bruce Jenner is the second husband of Chris. From 1978 to 1990, she was married to the famous lawyer Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003 from esophageal cancer.

Kendall Jenner  Net Worth

Her Net Worth $ 70 million.

Kendall Jenner  Body Measurements

Kendall Jenner   Height 5 ft 9 in approx. 1.70  in cm and Weight 58 Kg approx. 119.2  in Pounds.

Her Body Measurements 34-26-342Inches. Her Bra size 36 inches, Waist size 29 Inches, and Hip size 34 Inches.

Her Shoe Size 7(US) and Dress Size 4 (US).

Her Hair  Color is black and her Eye Color is brown. She loves to color her hair and is often seen with interesting colors.

of Kendall and her sister Kylie.

Show “Kardashian Family”

All this huge noisy family, many of whose representatives are characterized by a love of shocking and public attention, became known to the broad masses thanks to the television reality “The Kardashian Family”. The show started in 2007, 4 years after the death of her first husband Chris and 16 years after Bruce married her. Jenner did not mind naming the TV show by the name of the first spouse, which most of Chris’s children carry.

At the time of the start of the transfer, Kylie Jenner turned 10 years old. The program has an uncomplicated reality show format and demonstrates various vicissitudes from the life of a wealthy family. Viewers are shown how domineering and oppressive Kris Jenner can be, how hard Chloe experiences the death of her father, how Courtney finds out about her pregnancy and thinks about whether to leave her child, and so on.

In fact, nothing exciting happens in this reality and its participants do not demonstrate any special talents. Nevertheless, the show became extremely popular and earned high ratings. The Americans really enjoyed watching the life of a wealthy family, empathizing with its members, enjoying conflicts, scandals and moments of universal reconciliation.

Kylie Teenage

Kylie spent her childhood and teenage years in the California city of Calabasas, studying at the Sierra Canyon School. Although relations with peers were not easy all because of the same “Kardashian Family”, charming Kylie managed to become a cheerleader at school. In 2012, when the family’s popularity grew to unprecedented proportions, the matured girl was transferred to homeschooling.

Kylie Jenner has warm relations with many members of a large family, but the closest and dearest person remains Kendall’s sister, whose age is 2 years. The relatives were inseparable in childhood and have maintained a strong friendship even now, when both shone on the model catwalks.


Given the popularity of the TV show, it is not surprising that a huge number of users follow Kylie‘s Instagram . Each new photo collects hundreds of comments: subscribers are happy to discuss whether Kylie’s new lipstick or chosen style is suitable, admire the figure in a swimsuit or be surprised at the look without makeup.

For so many years, the girl suffered from increased public attention, but she learned how to benefit from it. Kylie received the first $ 100 thousand from her sisters for an advertisement for OPI Kardashian Kolor nail polish.

The catwalk career began long before the age of majority – the girl chose the Crush Your Style clothing line as her representative. The Jenner sisters were first mentioned as budding models in 2010, when People magazine wrote about them in the Beautiful People section. Kylie, far from model standards (height – 168 cm, weight – 60 kg), but bright and well-groomed, attracted the designers and soon starred for a number of popular magazines – “Vogue”, “Teen”, “Ok!”

Personal life

As a representative of bohemia, Kylie Jenner communicates mainly with popular personalities. So, among her friends are Gigi and Bella Hadid , Ariane Grande , Selena Gomez and many others.

As for men, in 2012, Kylie met with Cody Simpson, a pop artist from Australia, then worked closely with the matured Jaden Smith , the son of the famous actor Will Smith . After her chosen one was rapper Tyga , but at the end of 2015 the couple broke up.

Jenner’s personal life changed again after the Coachella music festival, at which the paparazzi found the beauty in the company of rapper Travis Scott . The musician wrote beats for Kanye West , and he produced 2 albums of his colleague.

In honor of the song “Butterfly”, the lovers got paired tattoos. For her boyfriend’s birthday, Kylie organized a party, where she invited Kendall and Bella Hadid. Scott, as the friends of the young man later said, was in the 7th heaven with happiness.

Kylie hid for a long time that she resorted to plastic. At the same time, the difference between how the girl’s lips looked before, and how much more voluminous they became after injections, is visible to the naked eye.

Angry social media users even organized a flash mob, parodying Jenner’s excessive enlargement of this part of her face.

Kylie often experiments not only with makeup and face, but also with the image in general. The experiences of the style icon with hair color and haircut are adopted by millions of followers. People copy wardrobe combinations, selfies inspired by mouth-watering shapes, and run to gyms.

Kylie Jenner now

In 2018, Kylie Jenner became, perhaps, the main newsmaker of the family. The first event concerned her personal life – the model gave birth to a daughter, Stormy. An atmosphere of mystery was inflamed around the girl’s pregnancy, and only Caitlin confirmed the fact. However, the news, according to American media reports, did not please the future grandmother. Caitlin is wary of Travis and generally believes that Kylie is still young for motherhood. But the young mother said that it was too late to give birth to her first child after 30 years.

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