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Omar Borkan al Gala is known today as the man who is “too handsome.” So much so that he was even deported from the country, according to news sources. An attractive brunette in the eyes of fans looks like a fairy-tale prince of the East. Now for advertising agencies and global brands, Omar has become a coveted model.

Childhood and youth

Little is known about childhood and adolescence in the biography of a man, an Arab by nationality. Omar was born on September 23, 1989 in Baghdad. Because of the war in Iraq that lasted at that time, the boy’s parents began to look for a safer country to live in.

The choice fell on Saudi Arabia. Parents and their son moved to Dubai. As a child, Borkan became a student at the Dubai Public School, and at a young age, a student at the International Institute of Hotel Management.

Omar Borkan al Gala  Net Worth

His Net Worth $ 5million.

Omar Borkan al Gala  Body Measurements

Omar Borkan al Gala  Height 5 ft 9 in approx. 1.70  in cm and Weight 69 Kg approx. 124.2  in Pounds.

His Body Measurements 36-29-36 Inches. His chest size 36 inches, Waist size 29 Inches and Hip size 36 Inches.

His Shoe Size 11 (US) and Dress Size 8 (US).

hair  Color is brown and Eye Color is brown. He loves to style his hair and is often seen with the same hair color though.

Omar Borkan al Gala  Personal life

Unfortunately for the female fans, the heart of the oriental handsome man turned out to be busy. He did not hide his personal life from the public. Reporters learned that in 2015, an Arab married Yasmin Oweida. Like her husband, the woman works in the modeling business as a designer who creates original clothing collections.

In addition, she participates in photo shoots with her husband. Ironically, Yasmin is a native of Saudi Arabia, the country from which her future chosen one was “expelled” in 2013. The couple’s joint photos were posted on Instagram . When Omar’s fans found out about this, posts full of female indignation appeared on social networks.

Fans from different countries of the world agreed that if their idol wanted to choose a life partner for himself, then she should not be like Oneida. The girl seemed to the public “too ordinary”, unworthy of such a handsome man as a dark-haired Muslim with brown eyes.

Ladies, deprived of dreams of an oriental prince, did not hesitate in the epithets addressed to Yasmin. The envious ones called her ugly, masculine, and boring. In addition, many suspected the designer of plastic surgeries, recognizing them as unsuccessful.

The young man, apparently, did not pay attention to these passages. Soon after the wedding, the wife gave her husband a son, Diyab. The baby’s photo often appeared on the Instagram accounts of his happy parents. In 2018, the couple shocked the press with the news of a divorce, but after a while, the couple got back together. The celebrity has no more children from Yasmin.

Modeling career

Attractive looks prompted the guy to try his hand as a model. This work brought the Arab some success and money, but after the 2013 incident, his demand in the advertising and fashion market took on a global scale.

It all happened at the Jandriya festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where Omar, along with other models, worked on advertising stands. The dark-haired guy quickly attracted the attention of local girls – a crowd gathered around him, wanting to get a personal autograph.

The excitement at the stands attracted the attention of the Sharia Guard, a branch of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue. The religious police made sure that everything that happened at the events was subject to the norms of Islam.

Law enforcement officials believed that male models could be potentially dangerous for Saudi women, awaken inappropriate thoughts and desires in them. In addition, according to the laws of the country, any conversation between unmarried women and men is prohibited.

The police dispersed the crowd of “female fans”, and Borkan himself was asked to leave the festival. This Omar later wrote on the page in the ” Facebook “, however, somewhat dramatized events: pointed out that he was expelled from the country. This post quickly went viral, its reposts appeared in the media, supplemented with new “details” thought out by journalists.

The real facts were greatly distorted. So, it was reported that the model was expelled because the police found the young man too handsome. In turn, representatives of the Sharia Guard posted a response post in social networks, where they explained that no one had expelled the guy from Saudi Arabia.

Omar Borkan al-Gala Latest

In 2024, the man continues to be a model for fashion brands. Omar posts photos of advertising campaigns on Instagram.

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