How to Keep Your Fleece Blankets Fluffy all The Time

There are rarely things that make you feel as cozy as possible in the wintertime like fleece blankets. The softness and worminess they produce are just too good. However, the main question is how can you keep them fluffy all of the time.

As you already know, blankets are soft until you wash them. Since they are made out of synthetics, most people are doing a mistake when washing them which results in a loss of fluffiness.

In this article, we’ll talk about how can you keep your fleece blankets fluffy and soft all of the time. You will learn how to wash them, and more importantly how to dry and keep them in good condition. Keep reading and l find out.

How to clean them


The first thing you need to know is how to do the initial wash when the time comes. Since this is the point where most people are doing a mistake, we think it is important to explain it.

Read the instruction tag

Before you throw the blanket inside the machine, be sure to read the tag. Most manufacturers are printing the appropriate washing conditions on the tag. That way, you will know what is the temperature and quickness of the cycle needed to clean and preserve the material.

Since we are talking about synthetics, they usually require low temperatures, and the use of a specific detergent. Washing with something too strong can damage the blanket and will reduce its fluffiness after. For that reason, be sure to follow the instructions precisely.

Treat the stains before washing

The blankets are usually washed at a low temperature. This makes it hard to remove certain stains, so treating them before washing will surely contribute to the cleanliness.

For that reason, put a little bit of dishwashing detergent and let it sit for about ten minutes. After that, wipe the area with a wet towel and the stain should be gone.

In case the stain is made out of grease, there is a different cleaning method. Instead of detergent, put a little bit of corn starch on top of the stain, and let it sit for a while. The starch absorbs the oils, and you can simply wipe the stains off.

Just be careful not to be too harsh while scrubbing since not only you can damage the fleece, but you can also spread the stains and worsen the situation.

Washing machine time

It is now time to put the fleece blanket inside the washing machine. Since this is a gentle material, you have to wash it on its own since rubbing against other clothes can cause abrasion and matting. This surely damages the material making it far less comfortable for you after.

The washing settings should be made up to the instructions. In general, fleece blankets require a slow cycle which is great for such delicate materials. In addition, slower cycles end quickly, so you will not have to wait a lot to be reunited with your coziness creator.

Lastly, you have to be careful about the detergent you will be using. It is best to consider a mild dishwashing detergent and be sure that it does not contain harsh chemicals like bleach. In addition, avoid using a softener because it can ruin the fleeces’ stain repellent features.

Be sure not to use too much detergent, because if it does not rinse properly, it can coat the blanket making it sticky and disgusting.

Drying the blanket


After the wash has been done, drying is the next biggest challenge in maintaining the fluffiness of your fleece blankets, so be sure you do it properly. If you want to learn more about fleece blankets and their maintenance, there is plenty of information on the internet about them, so be sure you check them.

Hanging it for air drying

Hanging your fleece blanket on a rack is the safest drying method. The fleece will be restored to its soft and fluffy condition, and you will have nothing to worry about. Just be sure you stretch it properly and leave fans on to provide appropriate air circulation. If you don’t have a drying rack, placing it over an ironing board or your bed is effective as well.

Machine tumble dry

If you want to save time in drying, you should consider doing a regular tumble dry. The machine does not use heat, but the continuous movement of the cycles is removing all the moisture. However, it is still advisable to be careful and take the blanket as soon as it is done. Think in this way, as less time the blanket is inside the machine there are fewer chances for damage.

Low heat setting

In case your machine lets you adjust the temperature under the tumble drying is performed, be sure to select the lowest setting possible. A little amount of heat may contribute to the fluffiness of your blanket. However, a lot of heat will cause damage.

Although using softeners is not advisable, regular dryer sheets do not cause harm to the fleece materials. For that reason, if you want to enhance the scent, this is the right time in doing so.

Fleece blanket caring tips


If you followed the direction on the tag, and our explanation of the washing and drying process, the blank should come out as soft as a new one. However, to preserve the fluffiness, we provided a couple of tips for you to do.

Do not use an iron

High heat is not something you want to match your fleece blanket with. For that reason, ironing is not an activity you want to do. The high temperatures of the iron are burning the synthetic fibers and can completely ruin the material.

To avoid wrinkles, drying your blanket using the hanging method is the right thing to do. Gravity does the job by itself, so you won’t need any additional activities to smooth everything out.

Avoid using strong detergents

As mentioned above, you should not use strong detergents to maintain your blanket. They can be abrasive and can turn the fleece from soft to harsh and scratchy. If you need to clean something more demanding, consider using vinegar or peroxides.

Remove the tiny balls with a razor

Lastly, you need to find a way to remove the tiny balls that form over time. No matter the care that you do, pilling will happen eventually. However, you can get rid of them by using a razor. Just go through the whole blanket, but be sure not to press too much.



Even though keeping your fleece blankets soft and fluffy seems impossible, after following the tips we provided you will see that it is not so hard. Since washing and drying are where the most damages happen, be sure to do that properly and enjoy your time of coziness with your fresh fleece blanket.

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