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Indian cinema is characterized by the presence of many years of dynasties, one of which belongs to Kajol. An actress with an unusual name – the record holder for the number of nominations for the highest Bollywood award and the owner of 6 “Black Ladies” for her contribution to the creation of films.

Childhood and youth

As a child, the actress’s name was Kajol Mukherjee, when she got married, she became Kajol Devgan. As a result, the first part of the name was transformed into a pseudonym, under which the miniature beauty conquered millions of hearts.

The Bollywood celebrity was born under the zodiacal constellation Leo in August 1974 in Bombay, into a family of hereditary filmmakers. Along with his mother Tanuja, the life of cinema was devoted to the grandmother and aunt Nutan, who is considered one of the best actresses playing in Hindi, a 5-time winner of the Filmfare Award, an analogue of the Oscar.

Shomu’s father is a director and producer, heir to the owner of the Filmalaya film studio, a relative of the cult actor of India Ashok Kumar. His brothers are also not deprived of acting talent. Even sister Tanisha found a worthy place in this creative clan.

Kajol’s parents divorced when their daughter was 4 years old. But the actress grew up in an atmosphere of love and adoration. In her father’s house, the girl was treated like a king. A wise mother taught everything that, in theory, boys should be able to, even change the wheel of a car.

In the presence of such a bright environment, the years spent in austerity within the walls of the monastery of St. Joseph did not prevent Kajol from choosing his path in art. The girl did not finish school, because at the age of 16 she went to Canada to shoot the first film with the fateful title “Sensational Debut”. The picture turned out to be appropriate – the still completely inexperienced Kajol entered the top five best artists in the country.


In 1993, Kajol had an unforgettable chance to be side by side with Shah Rukh Khan in the crime drama Game with Death. In terms of the amount of box office receipts, the film took 4th place in the country, brought the young actress recognition, and Khan received the Filmfare Award for the embodiment of the image of the avenger-killer, the first in his career.

wo years later, the actors formed a tandem in the romantic comedy “The Untrained Bride”. Aditya Chopra, the director of the film, later became the husband of Kajol’s relative Rani Mukherjee. His debut work in film was a resounding success: a record number of Filmfare Awards for that time – 10, the title of “eternal blockbuster” and the status of one of the most successful creations of the Asian “star factory” financially with $ 19 million in profit.

The performers of the main roles are recognized as one of the most beautiful couples in Indian cinema, so the delight of critics and viewers from the joint work of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in the action movie “Karan and Arjun” was natural.

In the 2000s, another generation of actors considered it an honor to appear on the screen next to Kajol. Among them – Anushka Sharma in the comedy “This couple was created by God”, “Miss Universe 2000” Lara Dutta in the thriller “Blind Love”. The performance of the artist in the last film received another Filmfare prize.

In 2010, breaking a two-year silence, Kajol and Shahrukh joined forces again on the film “My Name Is Khan.” The leitmotif of the drama is racial disunity and xenophobia developing in America after the destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorists. In addition to the Filmfare Awards, Khan received the International Indian Film Academy Awards.

Five years later, the star duet delighted the audience with the “Lovers” melodrama, in which the enmity of the ancestors interferes with the unification of hearts. However, as is customary in Indian films, a bright future awaits the heroes.

In total, Kajol Devgan’s filmography includes more than 10 works with the “King of Bollywood”, and frames from films where artists perform songs and exquisite dances filled the Web as independent clips.

Personal life

In private life, Kajol is surrounded by calmness and stability, but few believed in this, bearing in mind how much she differs from her husband Ajay Devgan in temperament. The actress got married with the scriptwriter and director in 1999. The couple’s romance lasted 4 years, and the love story began during the filming of the thriller “Family and Law”. Later, Kajol starred in a number of productions of his spouse: “Love Should Have Happened”, “Uncle Raju”, “Matters of the Heart”.

According to rumors, Kajol came up with the initiative to marry, Ajay did not plan to part with his bachelor life. The couple divided their honeymoon into 2 parts, one spent in Cairo, the second in Sydney. The first pregnancy of a woman eagerly seeking replenishment in the family, alas, ended in miscarriage. However, then the creative biography of the actress was interrupted twice, and these moments are associated with the appearance of children – the son of Yug and daughter Nisa.

For the sake of loved ones, a celebrity is ready to sacrifice everything. The celebrity is not in the least worried that he risks losing this status if he does not regularly remind the audience of himself. According to filmmaker Karan Johar, Kajol is the ideal self-sufficient person living an interesting life without work.

Determined to return to the top of Olympus, the beauty, first of all, restored her previous form – weight 60 kg with a height of 160 cm. The transformation did not go unnoticed by advertisers: Kajol signed contracts with the Vita Marie biscuits and Asmi jewelry trademarks, walks the catwalk in the outfits of designer Manish Malhotra …

Kajol is an ambassador of the British charity association Loomba Trust, the Pratham children’s fund, in 2008, was awarded the National Award of India for active citizenship.

Kajol Latest

The comedy “Unemployed with a Diploma-2”, released in 2017, is the last film in a widescreen format in which Kajol took part.

The film tells about a university graduate, whose attempts to find a job end in nothing. There are many reasons for this, including, oddly enough, excessive kindness. Kajol played the head of a construction company, whose proposal the protagonist rejects and incurs the wrath of a businesswoman.

In July 2018, Kajol ‘s Instagram featured a photo with an advertising poster for the new movie Helicopter Eela. In the family drama, the actress appears as a single mother who makes her living singing in a nightclub. The role of the son, the relationship with whom formed the basis of the plot, will be played by Riddhi Sen. The young actor has already made a name for himself in the drama “The Lion”, which received 2 awards from the British Academy of Film and Television and 6 Oscar nominations.

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