10 Basic Clothing Items Every Gentleman should Have

For perfectly good clothing, every gentleman should have a perfect wardrobe with high-quality clothing items in it. Yet simply, there should be at least one suit that carries no excuse of how stylish it can be. Here is a list of some basic clothing items every gentleman should have in his wardrobe.

1. Pale Blue Shirt

It is an essential clothing item one should have for wear on a workday. It can be worn with a darker shade blue color tie and a navy or grey suit which can leave a good impression on anyone such as manager, boss for a promotion.

2. Chino trouser in slim navy color and A Well Fitted Suit

Another good clothing item for a gentleman to compulsory have is chino trousers in their wardrobe. It is important for many occasions in offices or in events.


The well-fitted suit should be a must every gentleman should have. This can be helpful in various functions at home or while receiving awards on stage. It can also be worn in Fancy dinners and on other important occasions such as weddings. One should be ready all the time as these occasions are surprising, and you can take out the closet in an emergency-like situation when many people panic who don’t have one. You can Read more about and buy good-looking clothes that suit you and your personality.

Also, go for the solid pattern of color and options such as navy, charcoal gray, and medium gray to avoid odd patterns. The best thing you can do is shop nearby to get several options, and you may never know you find something more attractive and interesting to wear.

3. A Blazer/ Sports Jacket

Suits are chic, but when it comes to sportswear and blazers, they bring out the best physique. The chest appears more big and strong, and one ends up looking more masculines taller. If you are confused in choosing the Blazer for your wardrobe, the best color to have is gray, green, blue, and brown. These are the more versatile 4 colors, but you can go for your favorite colors, too, according to your complexion.


The study shows that the sports jackets also have the best appearances on gentlemen. So according to the town and locality you live in you can choose the type of sports jacket people wear nearby. Say like if you live in San Francisco and there is a trend of ivy league jackets, you can buy one. This will help you look more stylish in public.

4. Few Dress Shirts

You should have at least three shirts in your wardrobe and try to keep them as simple as you can. The color should also be chosen according to the occasions like for an office party or promotion you can have a pale blue shirt or white shades shirt with regular business collars, but for a party and dinner date, you can have a black color shirt.

Round faces go with long collars, whereas thin faces go with smaller ones. Be careful in choosing the shirts for your wardrobe as it’s the first thing people notice so you can smile with a good selection of shirts and spread a wider look – be careful. Rarecustom can help you with that!


5. Few Casual T-Shirts

Polo T-shirts are the best example for some guys because they prefer simple dresses over their body. You should have at least 3 casual T-shirts in your clothing items. Oxford T-shirts are another alternative to Polo T-shirts.

If you are planning to be more adventurous, go for a check-patterned T-shirt. But a neutral color is always easily matched with every clothes. Too bright T-shirts can also go pretty well with a pair of one or two jackets or trousers.

6. Perfect fitting Jeans

Nowadays, Denim jeans have covered the maximum market. It perfectly fits your lower body. It is the most important component of a modern gentleman’s wardrobe. But make sure it doesn’t look saggy or baggy.

You must have at least one dark-colored pair of jeans all the time in your wardrobe. There are a vast variety of jeans with different sizes available in the market. It depends on you which size you prefer that suits your real style.

7. A Dress Watch

Watches are highlights about the class one carries. We do have our smartphones to tell time, but you should also have a watch to look classic. Like a woman needs earrings in the same manner a gentleman should wear a watch.

For the people who are busy enough in their work and constantly look at their wristwatches are important for them similarly for the wearable you wear at a party or in function should also include watches. You might never know when a woman asks you time? That’s the time you will get a chance to be a true gentleman.


8. A Dress Belt

9 out of 10 times, your outfit doesn’t complete without a belt. One should have a belt while you have a shirt stuck in or not. You should be ready for any occasion, and a belt is a wise investment. It gives you a different option to set off buckles according to the waist. And a good quality belt with a better color combination and design can be coordinated with any outfit of your wardrobe. One more thing which will make you look bigger is the buckle. There is a difference between dress belt and general belt in the height of around (1-1.5 inches vs. 1.5-2 inches). Go with a dress belt. It will make you look rocking good in casual clothes.

9. Dress Shoes

People find shoes less watched, so they give less attention to shoes, but if you want to impress someone, you can only do with the shoes you wear. You can find a lot of combinations of shoes for different outfits. Give a trial and have a personal preference for a different pair of shoes for your wardrobe.

10. Dress Boots

Every gentleman should have a good pair of boots because it is attractive and gives a stylish look. They are comfortable and durable so have at least one pair of good boots in your clothing items.

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