How to Use a Pallet Changer in 5 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

A pallet changer is a machine used in industry, for rough and fine processing of materials, which are then used for other purposes. It is a whole industrial coupling so that the elements can be processed as needed. It can also help you transport heavy loads from one pallet to another, increasing the safety of your workshop and reducing the need for human labor. This is actually the main purpose, and with the help of various accessories, more tasks can be accomplished.

The whole process takes place in a few easy steps:

1. Load the items on the changer. This can be done with the help of additional machines or vehicles, especially if the load is really heavy or if it needs to be lifted.
2. Press a button to activate the hydraulic lift. This way you also protect the load from damage.
3. Use pallet truck wheels so you can transport them to the next stop. In heavier industries this process is automated.
4. Move the load to the other pallet.
5. Repeat the process as many times as needed.

Pallete changers are really a practical part of working in a workshop or a large warehouse. Without them, the work would be really difficult, and to a large extent risky for those who work, especially if it is a heavy load.

There are both small and large pallet changers, which have significant roles in the production. They can make your company more efficient and speed up the work.

As you already know, a pallet is a part of a machine that moves automatically or with the help of another machine. The changer transfers materials or finished products from one plant to another.

There are manual systems, which employ people, who help the whole process.

Automated systems are machines that do most of the work themselves, and people monitor the process and help if needed.

There are also robotic systems that are pre-programmed to be effective in loading, picking up, and transporting goods. This process can also be tailored to the requirements of the manufacturer or user of the product.

Which option is best?

Choosing a pallet changer depends on what exactly you need. Large industries usually have automated or robotic running processes, which is understandable. They can invest money in buying new and modern machines. Small industries that do not have enough money can use hand-held machines and hope that production will be enough to invest in a better machine in a year.

Of course, the best option is the one that is the easiest to manage. But that does not mean that others are bad. In fact, you can always get used to the hardest option and then, over time, upgrade the equipment in your warehouse.

Benefits of using pallet changers


The biggest benefit, of course, is improving and optimizing the production process. As you can see for yourself at, there are several models that you can get and use in the factory.

By choosing the right machine, you improve the overall productivity of your warehouse. You can move rough pieces of material from one point to another. The process is completely controlled by a worker, who can react in time if something goes wrong. Automatic machines are really fast and agile.

For the most part, they are compatible with almost all other pallets in your factory. It is enough to consult experts in time so that you can make the right choice.

At the same time, these machines allow you to provide the necessary conditions for storing the products until they are delivered where needed. With the help of pallet changers, you can be sure that any damage will be noticed in time, but also that you will maintain the quality and standard of production.

With the help of these machines, no matter what type you choose, you will never waste time on unproductive tasks. In fact, the whole process will be so fast that it will only cost you a few minutes during the day. With robotic machines, it can be even seconds. This helps you to be more flexible and to be able to plan more processes in one day. Also, human intervention is reduced to the lowest possible level, which reduces the chance of making mistakes. All this results in increased profits on an annual basis, and sometimes even for a much shorter period.

How do pallet changers work?

Once you have chosen your favorite machine, prepare for a whole new perspective in production. Your company will soon become more profitable because you will be able to meet more demands from consumers and the market.

Our suggestion is if you can use an automatic machine because that way you save a lot of time and enough money that turn into profit later.

There are shuttle and swing pallet changers, which work in a similar way and have a similar purpose. Shuttle types are more common and more used in industry. The second type is rotary and is used only in specific industries, with non-standard production methods, especially in the case of delicate and brittle materials.


Every machine for your factory or workshop is a really big investment, even if it is cheap. Business owners know that they have to invest in production because only by optimizing the process can the desired profitability be achieved. And we all know that if there is no regular investment, there will be no regular profit.

Operating these machines can be moderately difficult or really easy, as it is a process that reduces manual labor. In fact, if you want to be involved in manufacturing, you must first think about saving on human labor instead of money. Because, only in that way you can expect to achieve enough production, which will later bring you real profit.

So, now you know why you need to use pallet changers in your warehouse. Also, you know how to use it. It’s not difficult or complicated at all, especially if you’ve done it properly.

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