11 Home Renovation Tips – 2024 Guide

By renovating the old apartment, we can create a completely new style in the interiors. Replacing old, worn or faded covers and equipment will refresh and renew our entire home. Our lifestyle and taste may also change, so it may be necessary to remodel our house or apartment from time to time.

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Home Renovation Tips

Before starting renovation work, make plans and look for professionals to do the work. It is likely that a large amount of old or excess lime will appear during the renovation, so it is worth ordering a container into which we can throw bored or broken crap. Old furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be thrown away. If we have a unique or valuable piece of furniture, it is often worth renovating it or possibly selling it.

1. Find out about the permits needed to renovate your apartment or house


If we live in a condominium, we can’t just start any kind of construction work without having the right permits from the homeowner or the municipality. These include, but are not limited to, permits and regulations for construction work, plumbing work, gas installation, electrical installation, and air conditioning installation work.

2. We are definitely looking for reliable, experienced and well-referenced construction professionals!

It is already recommended to look for a competent specialist to plan the renovation, we also entrust the execution of the work only to construction contractors who can show reference works and work within the framework of a fair business.

3. We plan every detail of the apartment renovation carefully!


Let’s figure out the style, the layout, of course, taking into account the characteristics of the apartment. Different aspects dominate the transformation of rooms with different functions. In the living room, living room or study, not only the design is important, but also the right lighting, while in a bedroom, children’s room or cinema room, sound insulation and adequate darkening must be provided. Acoustic curtains are best suited for sound insulation and dimming, which not only function as a decorative element in rooms, but also filter out noise and light.

4. Colours and patterns strongly influence the atmosphere of interiors

We think very well about what colours and patterns we use in the apartment, because certain colours expand the space, while other colours tend to shrink. When choosing new colours, patterns and styles, try to look for furniture and accessories that match the atmosphere of the apartment. Mixing too different styles can result in a sense of chaos and confusion.

5. If your budget allows, we will also replace the covers and kitchen furniture!


Replacing wall and floor coverings is quite a big and serious job, but if we have the opportunity, be sure to cut into it. With the help of new tiles, parquets and tiles, we can create an almost completely new apartment. Instead of worn, faded carpets, get new carpets and use them to cover the floor.

The rugs create a warm, friendly atmosphere, and if you choose special acoustic rugs, they will even dampen noise. If we don’t have the opportunity to pick up the old tile flooring, or just don’t want to cut into such a job that involves a lot of work, expense, and clutter, we can even lay parquet on the old tile. The foil should also be placed under the parquet. This solution can be used only if the tile forms a relatively even surface and there are not too large level differences, broken tiles.

Replacing kitchen cabinets, the sink, and kitchen appliances can also be necessary in many cases, especially if the kitchen appliances are too old. The wall tiles do not need to be crushed and a new wall covering installed. If we want to renovate the kitchen in a simpler, cheaper and faster way, we can also cover the old bored tile with a tile sticker.

6. Replace broken, torn, cracked wires and pipes

Be sure to replace any broken or cracked pipes, plumbing, and fittings. This is one of the most important tasks in home renovation. Outdated plumbing and electrical systems can be dangerous.

7. Clean up after renovation!


After the renovation work is completed, the apartment and premises will be cleaned. Care must also be taken to remove debris and rubbish left after the work.

8. If you have valuable, rare, or unique furniture or items, consider renovating them instead of throwing them away!

It is not necessary to throw away all home furnishings, as there may be pieces between them that retain their value over time. If we have such furniture, let us renovate it and it can also become the jewel of a new apartment.

9. If the heating system is outdated, be sure to upgrade it!


Very old heaters are often not efficient enough, but at the same time consume a lot of energy. We can save a lot of costs by building a modern heating system that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

10. Replace old lighting fixtures and luminaires

Bulbs and burners that consume a lot of energy also have a detrimental effect on the environment. Use energy-saving and environmentally friendly light bulbs instead.

11. Replacing doors and windows can also save energy

Old doors and windows often no longer insulate well, so the apartment can be drafty. During the heating season, heat escapes along poorly insulated windows. With the installation of new windows and doors, this problem is also eliminated. Today we get double glazed, insulated windows and patio doors with plastic or wooden frames.

Renovation of the apartment usually involves a lot of noise and dirt and debris, so it is worth informing our neighbours and the locals in advance what to expect. Make sure you do the loud jobs at times when we are not bothering anyone, or at least causing a few inconveniences. Let’s find out what rules are in place in the given settlement, and whether this silence decree is in force for specific periods!

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