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At DEW Associates Corporation, we are dedicated to providing you with top quality computers, servers and computer products along with the services necessary to help you get the most out of them. Whenever you have a question, just ask us, we’re only too happy to help!

For some helpful answers, review our frequently asked questions below and browse our Technical Support areas. In many cases the information you need is already here. Of course, if you need more detailed information, just send us a message from any page on this site and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Ordering a new computer system

Aside from the limited deals we offer from time to time, all of the computers we build are built to specifications that we discuss with you.
When we receive your inquiry about a new computer, we will send you either an email, letter, fax or call you and you a few questions, such as what type of computer you have presently and what it is about it that you do not like. We will then ask you about features that you do want, such as processor speed, amount of memory and hard drive space as well as any special video and audio preferences you may have. The easiest way to do this is either email, fax or telephone. See the contact information below!

I am not a resident of the United States. Can I still order a new computer?
Yes you can, subject to the limitations imposed by the United States Government on the exportation of technology.

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We use only premium components in all of our systems!

There are NO cheap “no-name” components used at any time!
Many computer manufacturers use either generic no-name computer components or components made exclusively for that manufacturer, which is more commonly referred to as “proprietary”. Many of the large computer manufacturers use generic or low-end components in order to lessen their cost and therefore the retail price. This practice usually results in more units returned per hundred manufactured and significantly raises customer dissatisfaction. Have you ever wondered where all these “re-manufactured” systems come from?

What type of components do you use?
Everyone one of our systems is assembled using branded components, such as Supermicro, Asus, Abit, 3Com, Intel, Crucial Technologies, Kingston, Samsung, Creative Labs (Sound Blaster), US Robotics, Sony, Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, Fujitsu, Plextor, Mitsumi, Inwin and Enlight, just to name a few!

Why do you use branded components?
While we do provide manufacturers warranties on our systems, warranties end. By using branded components our customers can easily replace any of the components in their computers without difficulty and usually at a lesser expense than trying to locate generic no-name components.

What kind of memory do you use?
We use premium memory modules in every system we build. If the manufacturer doesn’t warrant the memory for life, we won’t use it!  Most importantly, we verify that each and every module that goes into a system is thoroughly stress tested right in the system being built. We insure that each and every module not only meets the manufacturers specifications, but exceeds them in every case!

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We provide a warranty with every computer we build!

How long is your standard warranty?
Our minimum standard warranty is one year from the date of delivery. Although most manufacturers are not willing to discuss it, if an electronic component is going to fail, that failure will usually occur within the first year of use.

Can the warranty be longer than one year?
Yes, in many cases we offer extended warranties. Given the fact that the memory we use is warranted for life, the Intel processors are usually warranted for longer than one year and the drives we use usually carry extended warranties, longer warranties are usually unnecessary and only serve to increase the cost of the system to you.  Please see your individual warranty agreement for details.*

What does your warranty cover?
Although this should not be interpreted as a replacement for, or in lieu of, our warranty agreement or any of the individual manufacturers warranties, the usual warranty covers hardware failures due to a component failure. Our warranty does not cover, as an example, failures resulting from misuse, intentional abuse, static electricity damage,  Acts of God. We make no warranty of fitness for any specific purpose other than that stated in our own publications.

Does your warranty cover both hardware and software?
Our warranty only provides for the physical system hardware, not the software. We do not write software and are not in any manner responsible for its use! As a service to our customers, we do, from time to time, publish tips and other data relative to the installation and use of various software packages in order to help them obtain the greatest benefit possible from their system, however we assume no obligation to do so.

You can learn more about warranty issues and certain disclaimers by clicking the underlined link to our specific warranty and disclaimer pages.

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Customer Support

Do you provide customer support?
Yes, we do, and it begins the day we start building your system. Every system is carefully assembled from premium components and thoroughly tested before it is shipped. While this process builds quality into each and every system and significantly reduces the probability of component failure, failures do occur, and when they happen we take pride in how quickly they are resolved.

What types of support to you provide?

  • Onsite Support, where a technician makes any necessary repairs where the system is located.

  • Offsite Support, where you pack the system (usually the CPU) and arrange for it to be shipped to our facilities for diagnosis.

  • Telephone Support, usually reserved for minor issues.

  • Email Support, this too is usually reserved for minor issues.

  • Website help, where we provide assistance for typical day-to-day problems right here on our website. Please see our technical support pages for more information. (Note: Portions of our Web Help site require you to be a customer and have a password!) You can visit our Technical Support pages by following this link. Take Me To Technical Support.

  • Contract Support for systems and equipment upon which the warranty has expired or that has been provided by another vendor. Please do contact us upon our contract support options.

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Forms of payment

  • Cash – Once you have decided upon the the system you want, we will send you a confirmation by either email, fax or regular mail. We will begin building the system upon receipt of a 50% deposit. When the system has been tested and packed ready for shipment we will bill you for the balance due plus shipping. Sorry, no unit is shipped without being paid for in full.

  • Credit Cards – At present, we only accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover and we may add American Express. We will bill your credit card for the cost of the system plus shipping day your system is shipped. We only ship to a verifiable address that corresponds with the telephone number you provide as well as the address on file with your credit card company. We do verify every transaction!

  • Checks – We accept personal, corporate and bank checks only! Sorry, no third party checks are accepted.

  • Wire Transfers – We accept bank to bank wire transfers from all customers. Bank information will be provided upon request.

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How to Contact Us

Can I contact DEW Associates Corporation via email?
Certainly, just select “Contact Us” from anywhere on this site, and send us your request. Our staff will respond as promptly as possible.

What is the phone number for Customer Service?
We are temporarily changing our telephone service. You can reach us at this temporary number 1-973-702-0545.

What is the mailing address? DEW Associates Corporation PO Box 841

Sparta, New Jersey 07871-0841

Be sure your return address and telephone number is included as part of your communication to us!

Can I reach you from overseas?
Yes. You can call us at 011-973-702-0545.

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There are disclaimers that you should be aware of!

Unfortunately, while the Internet has fostered an entirely new and exciting method for consumers to shop without leaving the comfort of their homes, it has also fostered new forms of credit card fraud, less than desirable business practices from vendors seeking the fast buck as well as claims of damages sustained from data posted to web sites and the return of merchandise damaged by the consumer.

These new circumstances have resulted in the need to post specific disclaimers as well as other legal information that you, the consumer, should be made aware of.

You can learn more about our Disclaimers and Warranties by clicking the underlined links. If you have any specific questions, please do feel free to email us and we will provide you with a specific response to your questions.

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The above information is provided as an assistance and is not to be substituted for any written agreements and/or warranties. The above information is subject to change without prior notice.

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